Cisco-Google Partnership Expands to Integrate SD-WAN Connectivity Over Global Cloud Network

Tech giants Google and Cisco recently announced the integration between their respective platforms, the Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub and the Google Cloud Network Connectivity Centre, offering expanded capabilities for enterprises’ hybrid and multi-cloud strategy.

This partnership is important and beneficial for many organisations, especially those who are operating on a global scale as the need to connect on-prem and cloud workloads distributed around the world increases. In addition, companies that operate in this cloud model face many challenges due to the complexity of managing multiple networks.

That is why, in meeting the requirements of today’s digital landscape, Cisco and Google deliver a ‘simple programmatic model that seamlessly spans the cloud, on-prem data centres and branch locations’. The partnership also aims to help customers create an end-to-end network that enables secure and on-demand connectivity.

“Our expanded partnership with Cisco brings the best of both Cisco and Google Cloud technologies together with a turnkey networking solution”, said Rohith Ramkumar, Product Manager, Cloud Networking, Google Cloud, in a blog.

Companies can use the integration between the Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub and the new Google Cloud Network Connectivity Centre, which delivers planet-scale network management to simplify complex networks for their on-prem and cloud connectivity needs.

Among the capabilities enabled in this partnership are site-to-cloud automation and site-to-site connectivity. According to Cisco, users can now enjoy a seamless experience across Google Cloud when connecting their on-premises environments to the cloud via Cisco SD-WAN.

Through a unified UI and consistent workflow, Cisco Cloud OnRamp automates the backend processes so that enterprise IT teams have full control and can focus on business-impacting tasks.

Aside from that, the integration between Cisco and Google goes beyond connecting branch sites to Google Cloud workloads, as it will deliver enterprise SD-WAN connectivity over Google Cloud’s extensive global infrastructure.

This partnership was first announced in April last year, with an announcement that the general availability is planned for the first half of 2021. The second phase launch of the partnership will enable intelligent and real-time telemetry exchange with all Google Cloud multi-cloud applications.

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