Cirba brings universal storage management one step closer with Netapp support

IDC says “software-defined infrastructure (SDI) enables the creation and operation of open, elastic IT infrastructure that disaggregate hardware resources from software controllers via the use of APIs and unified, policy-based orchestration technologies.”
Part of the allure of software defined solutions is its hardware agnostic design. Initially developed for servers, maturing virtualization technologies have extended the benefits of SDI to include storage and networks.
Best known for its software-defined infrastructure control solutions Cirba has extended its control capability to now include NetApp storage solutions, enabling organizations to optimize a variety of storage resources. Customers will be able to use NetApp OnCommand Insight (OCI) to leverage Cirba to place VMs and achieve visibility into storage requirements and health.
The new integration to NetApp OnCommand Insight (OCI) enables organizations to optimize use of storage resources by leveraging Cirba to intelligently place VMs and achieve visibility into storage requirements and health.
Cirba will provide NetApp customers with intelligent workload routing, physical and virtual storage reservations, and ongoing control with alerts that will prompt customers to take action against any risk.
Cirba's analytics automate VM routing decisions based on all the required constraints including workload utilization, business, technical, software licensing, and complex storage requirements. The VM placements uniquely enable organizations to make better use of NetApp storage by balancing demand across virtual and physical storage resources, freeing up stranded storage capacity and ensuring the right match between workload requirements and storage tiers. Cirba also provides virtual and cloud infrastructure management teams with visibility into when resource shortfalls might adversely affect associated VMs and where excess resources exist for NetApp and other storage infrastructure connected to NetApp OCI.
Cirba can analyze storage resources connected to OCI, such as NetApp, EMC, Fujitsu, Hitachi Data Systems, HP and IBM storage.

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