Can Maxis’ Right Cloud Live Up to Its Name?

Maxis recently launched its Right Cloud proposition, which is designed to liberate enterprises from the complexities of cloud adoption while maximising its true potential in response to the growing need for access to and control of resources across organisations. This proposition strengthens Maxis’ capabilities as an end-to-end cloud service provider, backed by the necessary expertise and connectivity.

Maxis Right Cloud includes a cloud-agnostic management platform that gives users greater visibility, insights, and control over their cloud resources, including workloads hosted on leading public cloud providers. This is especially useful for businesses that use multiple cloud providers and want a unified view of how they are currently utilising their digital resources.

This launch is said to be an important part of Maxis’ ambition to become the number one ICT solution partner for both enterprises and SMEs, and it comes at an opportune time as businesses strive to adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Maxis has been expanding its cloud solutions capabilities since 2020 by acquiring two companies with deep technical expertise and talent in cloud services. Claire also stated that they have been collaborating with the best in the world, such as Microsoft and AWS, to design and deliver the right solutions for businesses, as well as managed services for an end-to-end offering.

“It is essential for us to deliver market-leading holistic cloud solutions and strengthen our capabilities in order to be a trusted advisor to enterprises and SMEs, and ensure that their move to cloud is frictionless,” said Claire Featherstone, Maxis’ Head of Enterprise Practices.
Cloud adoption challenges

Claire shared the findings of a Maxis-commissioned survey, the IDC-Maxis Digital Technology Assessment 2020, which discovered that Malaysian businesses are looking to the cloud for efficiency and cost savings.

It is, however, easier said than done.

Claire stated that when delving deeper into the local challenges of cloud adoption, it is clear that the main barrier is a lack of skills and resources. Even IT leaders who understand the cloud’s potential have key concerns, such as managing security and risk exposure, a lack of effective governance once in the cloud, and data privacy concerns.

When embarking on a cloud transformation journey, it can be a long and complicated one. “Many components are needed to realise the full potential of cloud and it’s easy to see why many companies have found it complex and have yet to realise the full benefits of cloud. Subject matter and assistance are acquired across multiple domains and often, this will be beyond the capability of the average mid-sized IT organisation,” explained Claire.

Maxis believes that a successful cloud adoption journey begins with selecting the right cloud that can meet an organisation’s needs based on its objectives and current challenges.

Claire expressed that “Our new proposition is built on three important elements – the Right Cloud, Right Expertise and Right Network. Combined, we are able to support enterprises with a holistic cloud transformation journey from design to implementation, so they can focus on driving business outcomes.”

She went into greater detail about the three key components and demonstrated how they comprise their entire offering to ensure businesses have a fully managed, future-proof IT infrastructure:

  • The Right Cloud: Giving customers access to leading hyperscale cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure, allowing businesses to build multi-cloud or hybrid cloud solutions without the hassle of managing multiple vendors. Furthermore, provide a cloud management platform to improve visibility and management of their cloud resources.

  • The Right Expertise: Maxis has steadily built the required technical expertise through recent acquisitions of ICMS and Peering One, which have strengthened its position as a one-stop, end-to-end solutions provider with comprehensive cloud offerings that address the full range of business requirements – including addressing the skill shortage issue that many organisations are facing.

  • The Right Network: All of this is supported by the Maxis Programmable Network (MPN), Malaysia's first programmable software-defined network that is Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 3.0 certified. This network is designed to enable businesses to scale capacity demand reliably to meet the needs of rapidly changing IT environments while maintaining consistent high performance. Bandwidth on Demand, Usage-Based Internet, and Cloud Connect are some of the services provided by MPN.

As one of the leading converged solutions providers in Malaysia, Maxis offers end-to-end professional and managed cloud services ranging from strategy and advisory to migration and optimisation, security and application modernisation, and managed support. Maxis currently provides Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Backup as a Service, Data Centre Services, Data Centre, and Cloud Connect.

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