Building the Multi-Cloud Future With Dell Technologies

Project APEX was the biggest announcement of Dell Technologies World 2020. It builds upon Dell’s long history of on-demand tech to allow customers to have the freedom of doing what they want, how they want.
In a media conference after the keynote session, Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies, said there has been a significant rise in on-demand Subscription as a Service (SaaS). With revenue going up, Project APEX will only bring all this together especially with remote working being a massive ongoing trend.
Jeff Clarke, Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman of Dell Technologies pointed out that now the focus everywhere is on the cloud, whereby creating a cloud system of the opportunities available is key. He admits there is a still a lot of work that needs to be done which is why Project APEX is all about providing that answer to customers.
“We want to bring that level of easiness to on-premises, the edge and on the cloud to create a dynamic way to manage and operate everything. This means taking Dell’s Cloud across the entire portfolio and increasing the security base at the same time, through intrinsic security”.
For John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies, some businesses feel there is no reason to move apps to the cloud. But, if they are looking to process data, especially with AI, it requires them to cross environments. For example, for AI, if you can’t harness data on multiple clouds, you will be in a disadvantage over those who can.
“Having a true multi-cloud environment can result in massive cost savings. The application that is part of the data pipeline needs a multi-cloud system with a broad selection of choice. Most importantly, these tools cannot be in a silo and need a single control panel. Anyone who builds a modern cloud will realise multi-cloud is best.”   
VMware’s Pat Gelsinger, the CEO, pointed out how they have crossed the milestone with VMware Cloud. They have AWS, Google, IBM, Alibaba and Oracle all at scale and operating. And now the VMware Cloud is available on Dell EMC which is on the data centre and the edge. Project APEX provides a consistent consumption model across all of them. Multi-cloud has largely been multi-silo. With VMware Cloud and Tanzu, containers and VMs can operate wherever the business demands them to be in the most efficient way possible. Multi-cloud is now no longer a multi silo; it is an operational model that allows businesses to harness the powers of all clouds, execute workloads and have data at the right place for business requirements.
Sam Grocott, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Dell Technologies added VMware's Project Monterey is focused on a re-imagination of hybrid cloud architecture to support the new wave of 5G, cloud native, and data-centric applications. A key design point for the resulting solutions and products will be delivering them through easy to consume as-a-Service models. Products and solutions released as part of Project Monterey will take advantage of the simplicity, consistency and choice that Project APEX offers.
For the ASEAN region in particular, Sam added Project APEX will help organisations deliver an as-a-Service experience no matter where they run workloads including on-premises and at the Edge. It is the next chapter in the evolution of our as-a-Service portfolio and is in response to market opportunity and customer need.
"We’re confident that our customers in ASEAN region will welcome the announcement as we bring simplicity to how they consume and manage technology, so that they can focus on business outcomes. We have been providing our as a service offering to customers for many years through Flex on Demand which is available today in ASEAN and was recently launched in India and China."
As Michael puts it, “The ability to run on any cloud and on-premises is an important first step. We are really at the dawn of the innovation at the edge. The amount of compute power of AI and workloads on the edge is going to be amazing. This can result in an enormous IT challenge. The ability to extend it anywhere is going to create simplification and allow organisations to capture the value and run them anywhere”.
Dell and VMware  
During the media session, there were also questions on the updates of Dell’s intent to sell VMware to which Michael stated clearly, “We are not selling VMware. We are exploring taking Dell shares on VMware and distributing them to our shareholders. Nothing changes for customers and strategy”.
Echoing him was Pat who said they are still only in the early phases of discussions. He added that it will be value-creating for all stakeholders with an opportunity that will benefit all of them. The customers are enjoying the partnership and integration of Dell Technologies and VMware and will continue to have these benefits.

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