Brocade claims Gen 5 FC SAN ensures VSPEX deliver on reliability and performance promises

The EMC VSPEX with VMAX3 100K is purpose built to deliver and manage predictable service levels at scale for hybrid clouds. This is designed to provide customers with the ability to seamlessly bridge their VMware private cloud deployment with public clouds, paving the way forward to hyperconsolidate and connect on- and off-premise workloads into a hybrid cloud environment.
The SAN for VSPEX with VMAX3 100K is built on Brocade Gen 5 FC SAN switching and Fabric Vision monitoring and network diagnostic technologies.
According to Jack Rondoni, VP, storage networking, Brocade: "Brocade FC fabrics allow the server and storage to realize their potential by maximizing network uptime, simplifying SAN management and providing unprecedented visibility and insight across the entire storage network."
Branded and sold through the EMC Connectrix family, the Brocade SAN helps ensure predictable performance, resiliency and fast access to data stored on the VMAX3 100K arrays, each of which are necessary for ensuring predictable service levels, at scale, for hybrid clouds.
Brocade Fabric Vision technology combines capabilities from Brocade hardware, the embedded OS (Brocade Fabric OS) and management software (Brocade Network Advisor) to provide administrators with the ability to anticipate and preempt problems before they impact operations, accelerate application performance and reduce operational costs.

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