BigAir deploys SolidFire to boost its managed cloud services

SolidFire, the Solid-State Array company, announced at the Cloud Expo Asia in Singapore that BigAir Group Limited (BigAir), one of Australia’s leading providers of managed services and cloud-based solutions, has selected SolidFire’s all-flash scale-out storage system as a single, multi-tenant platform for its cloud services, including Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).
By deploying SolidFire’s fast, secure and scalable infrastructure with guaranteed storage performance, BigAir customers can choose the right levels of performance, availability, scalability and manageability to meet their business needs today and beyond.
Gartner recently estimated that the public cloud services market in Australia would reach AU$4.15 billion this year and in 2016, it is forecast to be worth AU$4.74 billion.
Through its recent acquisition of system integrator Oriel, BigAir significantly expanded its traditional carrier business to cloud and managed services to meet the growing demand for cloud services. While the company previously deployed multiple flash-based and legacy storage systems, it found that none of them were built to support its customers’ pressing requirements for high-performance, cloud-based, multi-tenant environments.
To boost the growth of new services, a new, modular, next-generation infrastructure was critical.
SolidFire was able to meet these needs and support all of BigAir’s cloud services by providing an all-flash architecture that ensures application predictability and facilitates mixed workload consolidation at scale.
With SolidFire’s volume-level Quality of Service (QoS), BigAir can deliver guaranteed, predictable performance to its customers and eliminate noisy neighbors.
Thanks to SolidFire’s linear scale-out architecture, BigAir and its customers can scale and provision performance and capacity independently and on demand throughout the entire customer lifecycle, without downtime or disruption.
SolidFire also automates every aspect of storage provisioning, management and reporting, while continuously monitoring the system to ensure the highest possible levels of availability and performance.
BigAir rolled out its SolidFire-fueled DaaS services in October 2015, with IaaS services to follow in the next few months. Because SolidFire makes it simple to deploy from out-of-the-box to installation and system configuration, the platform was up and running within a few days - four weeks ahead of schedule.
While SolidFire is currently deployed in two data centers, BigAir plans to extend the SolidFire infrastructure to new data centres and eventually migrate other workloads to the SolidFire platform.
“Today we manage over 70% to 100% of our customers’ IT functions from our data centres, with many of our customers moving more and more services to our cloud. Unlike any other vendor, SolidFire gave us an architecture that was built to consolidate and easily manage thousands of workloads,” said Richard Mitton, CTO of Oriel Technologies, a BigAir company.
“From its ability to provision and guarantee performance on the fly to its modular, scale-out architecture, our customers were able to reap the benefits of SolidFire’s innovative architecture from day one. SolidFire has proven to be the driving force behind our growing and improved managed services, delivering new value to our customers and complementing BigAir’s existing carrier services.”

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