Automate bare metal restore for faster recovery with Intronis ECHOplatform

Intronis launched a complete Bare Metal Restore (BMR) as part of its new Intronis ECHOplatform and flat-fee unlimited cloud and unlimited local storage pricing plan.
“By integrating BMR right into the Intronis ECHOplatform and U2 Pricing Plan, we’re taking away the headache and added expense channel partners bare in having to ‘rebuild, restore, reboot,’” says Chuck DeLouis, vice president of Product Management, Intronis.
The new BMR functionality offers complete physical-to-physical (P2P) bare metal recovery and physical-to-virtual (P2V) BMR recovery options for greater flexibility and performance.
These capabilities enable Intronis channel partners to choose from and deliver a variety of restore solutions such as:

  • Recover back to the original system in the event of data corruption or hard drive failure
  • Recover to a replacement machine to address total system failure
  • Recover to a select point-in-time to resolve for data corruption or viruses
  • Restore physical images as virtual hard disks (VHD) to a local or network location
  • Restore protected images as a virtual machine (VM) by leveraging restored virtual hard disks
  • Mount recovered images as a drive to the same or different machine for file-level restore

Intronis ECHOplatform is marketed as an all-in-one solution providing secure, scalable, and comprehensive cloud backup and data recovery solution. It supports a variety of in-demand services, plug-ins, and extensions such as physical imaging, VMware and Hyper-V, as well as SQL and Exchange backup.
Intronis claims its Intronis U2 Plan is disruptive because it radically simplifies pricing for channel partners by offering unlimited cloud and unlimited local storage at a fixed monthly cost.

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