Atlantis Expands Software-Defined Storage and Hyper-Converged Offerings to Transform Data Center Economics

“Hyper-converged systems have the potential to significantly influence the storage landscape because they combine two major storage industry trends at once — the trend toward software-defined infrastructure and the integration of compute, networking, storage, and management into a single integrated product,” said Archana Venkatraman, senior research analyst at IDC.
Atlantis Computing says its third generation SDS platform, USXTM 3.0 software, delivers data mobility to make the entire data center more agile, provide all-flash performance to all users and applications and create efficiency that cuts data center costs in half.
By using intelligent software to harness the power of faster and cheaper processing power, memory and flash storage, Atlantis USX eliminates the inefficiencies of SAN and NAS hardware, while delivering all-flash performance. With Atlantis, IT organizations ensure that their storage systems have targeted availability levels that adapt resilience based on the importance of the data or system, which lowers the cost of business continuity.
Atlantis USX 3.0 SDS technology delivers expanded data protection and data mobility functionality that enables customers to make the entire data center more agile by provisioning, cloning, snapshotting, replicating, and teleporting virtual machines and data in seconds.
Atlantis USX is the only SDS or hyper-converged solution that is certified for VVOL, enabling VVOL to manage all existing storage in the data center. The VVOL integration with Atlantis USX improves performance and increases the storage efficiency of provisioning, snapshots, clones, and storage vMotion.
Venkatraman says many storage vendors have accelerated innovation around flash arrays and SDS to bring costs down. Despite these developments, data services within hyperconverged appliances remain comparatively slower. “Combining SDS technology with rich data services and all-flash storage to deliver robust performances and scalable infrastructure while keeping costs low will accelerate the adoption of hyper-converged appliances for critical enterprise workloads,” she adds.

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