Aspen Valley Hospital Deploys Image-Sharing Capabilities

Aspen Valley Hospital (AVH) is a community hospital located the Colorado ski region. The AVH emergency department serves visitors who experience injuries on the ski slopes, as well as residents who maintain second homes in the area. Many of these patients require diagnostic imaging and coordination of follow-up care with a physician back home. The previous process of burning images to CD and mailing overnight packages was both tedious and highly inefficient.


The AVH added lifeIMAGE’s imaging and information-sharing solution into the hospital’s existing cloud-based Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) solution which manages and archives the approximately 25,000 radiology exams it generates each year.


“We want our patients to experience the highest quality of care, no matter where that care is delivered,” said Jo-Dee Russell, chief imaging technologist at AVH. “With Dell and lifeIMAGE, we save time and money on the back-end, while providing the seamless customer service and continuity of care that our patients and referring physicians expect.”


Dell’s cloud-based archive streamlines the management of medical images and stores two copies of every image at geographically separate locations, providing an efficient disaster recovery strategy without the need to maintain and manage a second data center. By connecting to the lifeIMAGE network, AVH can securely share exams with outside hospitals, physicians and patients anywhere, who can quickly and easily view exams from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

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