APEX Unleashed at Dell Technologies World 2021

Dell Technologies World 2021 kicked off with Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies, thanking everyone who has been integral to keeping their organisation running despite the challenges faced during the pandemic. The summit is the second virtual summit by Dell Technologies since the pandemic affected global events and travel restrictions around the world.
With digital transformation on the mind of every organisation, Micheal pointed out how technology had kept the world running, from making remote work the new normal to ensuring vaccinations can be rolled out to everyone around the world.
“Digital transformation is accelerating and it's not going to slow down. Momentum is building towards a hybrid distributed future fuelled by data analytics that are processed in real-time and to digital and secure processes, operations and business models. And increasingly in this "do anything from anywhere" world, it's a future that will unfold at the edge”, said Michael in his virtual keynote address.
As such, the exponential growth of data and the demand for greater analytics shows that 75% of data will be processed outside of a traditional data centre or cloud by 2025. That data, according to Michael will be generated in the real-world at the edge and to transform that data into outcomes will require real-time analytics and intelligence. It's estimated that more than USD $700 billion in CapEx will be spent within the next decade on edge infrastructure.
“We are integrating and innovating edge solutions with VMware and across our capabilities and partner ecosystems creating the automated intelligent infrastructure for 5G and the data era. And with Tanzu, you have the platform to modernise your applications. With VMware cloud and Dell Technologies, you have consistent infrastructure and operations from the public cloud to the private cloud to co-location and the edge. Together, Dell Technologies and VMware are the multi-cloud platform for digital transformation. We want to give you cycles back by making your infrastructure highly automated, multi-cloud, and as a service, so you can dedicate your time and energy and investments to your data, your applications, and creating business results and competitive advantage”, said Michael.
And this is where APEX comes in. Initially announced last year as Project APEX, the APEX portfolio of as-a-Service offers to simplify how businesses consume technologies. Building on its IT as-a-Service expertise, Dell Technologies APEX reduces the time and complexity of acquiring, managing, maintaining and servicing physical IT infrastructure. Customers can scale IT as needed to launch new applications, kickstart new projects and address the changing needs of their organisations – all managed by Dell and accessed through a single console.
APEX includes:

  • APEX Data Storage Services - provides a simplified Storage-as-a-Service experience. This includes transparent pricing and no overage fees with performance unmatched in the public cloud. With technology deployed on-premises, at customer locations or at co-location facilities, organisations can select three performance tiers of block and file storage to meet their requirements.

  • APEX Cloud Services - delivers a consistent cloud experience across public cloud, private cloud and the edge. As subsets of APEX Cloud Services, APEX Hybrid Cloud and APEX Private Cloud offer integrated compute storage and networking resources with support for both traditional and cloud-native applications. Customers can easily choose a hybrid or private cloud resources designed to meet the needs of critical workloads such as AI and virtual desktop infrastructure.

  • APEX Custom Solutions - offers the industry’s broadest technology portfolio as-a-Service. APEX Flex On Demand provides Dell Technologies servers, storage, data protection, hyperconverged infrastructure as-a-Service. Customers can select the exact product and services they want and scale their usage of these resources up and down while paying for what they use. APEX Data Centre Utility adds an additional level of flexibility through custom metering and managed services applied across their data centre.

  • APEX Console - provides customers with a unified experience through a self-service, interactive experience where customers manage their entire APEX lifecycle. Customers use the APEX console to identify and subscribe to APEX services that map to their needs and Dell matches the technology and services to deliver the desired outcomes. The APEX Console simplifies IT by providing monitoring and management of APEX services, delivered with actionable insights and predictive analytics. Customers can access usage and spending reports and refine their APEX services to meet the changing needs of their businesses, so they pay for what they need when they need it.

Dell Technologies also announced a collaboration with global digital infrastructure company Equinix to broaden the availability of Dell Technologies APEX services through Equinix data centres. Working with Equinix, Dell will offer customers more options to deploy their infrastructure while maintaining control over their data. Dell will manage the infrastructure in an Equinix data centre of a customer’s choice and will consolidate co-location costs in a single bill. Through the combination of Dell infrastructure and Equinix’s global footprint, organisations can deliver the APEX services where they are needed and shift to an OpEx model to pay for the resources they use and deploy.
“Customers are full speed ahead accelerating their digital agenda. While we've had our fair share of unplanned and unexpected, your IT should always be ready for what's next, which should mean simplicity, agility and control. It's the scale of the cloud with the ease of as-a-Service. This is the future of IT consumption. It's a journey we've been on for a long time, from products to services and managed services that are big businesses for us and critical to all of you”, said Michael.
With everything as-a-Service and a subscription, APEX is the next evolution of what Dell Technologies have been building on for decades.
“It aligns us even more closely with your outcomes and results. As our conversation changes from speeds and feeds to experiences, insights, and outcomes, you're asking for a modern way to consume technology, continuous delivery, and a cloud experience. And the appetite for as-a-Service is growing”, added Michael.
In fact, Gartner predicts by 2023, 43% of newly deployed storage capacity will be consumed as OpEx, up from less than 15% today. IDC predicts that by 2024, half of the data centre infrastructure will be consumed as-a-Service and that 75% of infrastructure will be on the edge.
With that said, Dell Technologies believes that customers want technology that is simple and easy to manage, and APEX is the answer.

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