Alison Dew Dell CMO Talks the Transformation Journey Dell Technologies Style

Alison Dew - Dell CMO Talsk the Transformation Journey Dell Technologies Style 

Fresh off the stage in the opening keynote session, Dell Technologies CMO Alison Dew attended a closed-door press session to explain just how Dell Technologies tackle transformation.
Alison highlighted that Dell split the total transformation journey into four pillars:


According to Alison, the starting point has to be Digital Transformation because at its core the journey is about transforming entire businesses, with IT itself becoming the business.

The way she frames it is that the business itself is technical and that IT equates to technical advantage.

Giving real world examples, such as Draper who are building business models based on technology highlighted this excellently. As an example, Draper are working with Dell Technologies to pioneer drug research based on data analytics that removes the need for human or animal testing. The business itself is built on tech, and the approach has the power to transform an entire industry. 

Peloton is another example of a company which n the surface you would describe as a fitness company transforming the concept of home fitness, but interestingly Alison explained that the Peloton CEO describes the company as a technology business. The point is clear, technology is business, and business that understand this are not only transforming themselves but the industries in which they operate.
As Dell analyse what is powering transformation, Alison pointed out three absolutely critical elements to their view. The technology that underpins new business models is built on Edge, Distribute Core and Cloud. From our perspective at DSA, we see Dell’s endorsement of distributed core as highly interesting. Not everything can sit in the cloud, intelligence and data will increasingly need to reside in devices and companies that embrace this idea will be ahead of the curve in their own innovation.

Having software in your company’s DNA and building a platform that allows continuous development, delivery and analysis are the building blocks of a company that is embracing transformation, here is where you start to see the jigsaw of the Dell Technology companies come together. The slide below shows exactly how the components form an architecture for Digital, IT and ultimately business transformation.

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