Alibaba Shares Global Digital Journey at Apsara Conference 2020

“The digital ecosystem is a ‘better together’ story. It’s a ‘better together’ value chain”, stated Molly Burns, Global Alliance Leader, Vertica in her presentation during Apsara Conference 2020, where partners of multinational technology company Alibaba Group, especially in the Asia Pacific region, shared their stories about their collaborations with Alibaba Cloud.

In her talk, Molly tackled the Vertica-Alibaba Cloud strategic partnership and how Alibaba has helped Vertica’s unified analytics warehouse, built for the scale and complexity of today’s data-driven world. The partnership provided a multi-cloud strategy and analysis “in place” approach, technical integration that brings simplicity to customers and cloud-native architecture with lower TCO, rapid ROI and greater elasticity.


Martin Frick, Managing Director APAC, Temenos, also shared his views about his company’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud. Temenos, specialising in enterprise software for banks and financial services, is providing cloud acceleration for all bank tiers across the APAC region with the help of Alibaba. The collaboration enables digitally augmented customer experiences, from contextual user-experience, mass personalisation and scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. This partnership offers financial institutions scalability, performance, resilience and operational efficiencies.

The conference also touched on to the topic, “A Global Story: Digital Transformation Journey Sharing From Various Industries”, where non-technical companies shared their collaborations with Alibaba Cloud.

Gregory John Pearn, Vice President of Theme Park, Resorts World Genting, presented one of the case studies on how Alibaba Cloud supports Genting Malaysia Berhad’s outdoor theme park digitalisation. The partnership announced the deployment of the Virtual Queue (VQ) Solution at Resorts World Genting’s upcoming outdoor theme park: Genting SkyWorlds. The newly developed system will integrate Alibaba Cloud’s advanced technology with a reservation system for individual rides to provide a seamless and engaging entertainment experience from start to finish.

“Through Resorts World Genting’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the VQ solution will reduce the need to wait in line and allow more opportunity for our guests to enjoy their time at SkyWorlds and beyond within the resort. We look forward to adopting this advanced VQ solution to provide a more efficient and rewarding experience, unique to Resorts World Genting”, stated Greg.

Imagine booking for a ticket to the park and even before arriving, you would be able to know the best itinerary for you, including the most suitable rides and attractions depending on the time and your preference. This is possible through the VQ solution, which can be utilised by downloading the Genting SkyWorlds’ VQ Mobile App or using VQ kiosks within the theme park to enjoy a similar experience.

The new VQ Solution will also allow Genting SkyWorlds to generate incentives to help divert patrons away from overcrowded areas to non-ride attractions and facilities, such as eateries and retail malls. Incentives will also be provided to visitors who continue to use the VQ Mobile App to reserve VQ slots and follow the recommended itineraries.

To wrap up the session, Henry Zhang, Director of Digital Transformation Consulting, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International discussed the “Alibaba Cloud Digital Transformation Technology Highlights”. In his presentation, Henry mentioned multiple retail business models, automatic precision marketing, customer data platform, data intelligence and cutting-edge algorithms, end-to-end big data and AI workflow and algorithms for all domains as part of the outline on digital transformation.

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