Alibaba Cloud to Empower Its Customers in Malaysia Digitally

The COVID-19 pandemic has urged companies to restructure their business strategy. With the operational and economic repercussions of the crisis, many have shifted their attention towards the cloud as it provides them with access to technologies that allow them to adapt and grow with greater agility and flexibility while optimising costs.
As a testament to this, Alibaba Cloud recently announced that it saw an exceptional client base growth in 2020 across a range of industries throughout Malaysia. This suggests that many organisations in the country, and perhaps the region, are accelerating their cloud adoption in order to meet the specific needs of different industries in the new normal.
This achievement was made possible due to the strategy put in place by Alibaba Cloud partnering with local companies and supporting the digital transformation journey from customers of all sizes. Throughout 2020, Alibaba Cloud has partnered with new customers from different industries such as technology, banks, FinTech, retail, internet, media and hospitality industry.
In the words of Jordy Cao, General Manager of Malaysia at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, "Alibaba Cloud's growing momentum in Malaysia demonstrates how cloud-based intelligent solutions can be successfully applied for digital transformation in all industries. Moving into 2021, we will enhance our collaboration with more independent software vendors to provide tailor-made solutions to customers, and put more resources on managed service partners to improve service quality continuously, including training to cultivate more digital talents for local market."
Jordy spoke during a virtual roundtable on how Alibaba Cloud has been helping customers innovate their business with Alibaba Cloud's proven technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud services and the high-performance Alibaba Cloud Database. He added that what's powerful about the cloud is that it provides businesses with the resources to shape and innovate solutions that meet their specific demands.
Jordy then shared a few key highlights surrounding the company's partnership with local customers in recent years:

  • Genting Malaysia: Alibaba Cloud is helping Genting Malaysia develop an AI Virtual Queue (VQ) Solution at its new outdoor Resorts World Genting theme park. The newly developed system will provide a seamless and engaging entertainment experience for each ride using Alibaba Cloud's advanced technology.

  • CIMB: As one of the largest banks in Malaysia, CIMB leverages Alibaba Cloud to empower its digital transformation journey. CIMB also utilises cloud technology to enhance the speed-to-market of new digital and digitisation solutions, while meeting the challenges of the industry's regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Revenue Monster: An industry pioneer, Revenue Monster has partnered with Alibaba Cloud Malaysia since 2018 as its FinTech partner. The partnership with Alibaba Cloud has enabled the company to help Malaysian businesses digitalise and innovate with its Fintech-as-a-Service (FaaS) and Financial Cloud solutions.

Amanda Chin, Chief Executive Officer of Revenue Monster, who was one of the guest speakers during the event, further explained, "Revenue Monster was one of the first pioneers with a tech know-how to utilise and maximise the power of Alibaba Cloud solutions, and we've been using the platform to enhance more digital capabilities for Malaysian customers."
In addition, Alibaba Cloud is also looking to empower Malaysians with technology skills. Hence, they conducted training for people. Throughout 2020, more than 10,000 individuals were trained by, and more than 2,000 individuals have passed and received a certificate from Alibaba Cloud in nurturing a true power of cloud technology.

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