Acronis Snap Deploy 5 for faster system rebuilds

Installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 doesn’t take very long. One estimate says as little as 30 minutes (must have a slow watch) but the reality is that other factors need to be considered including driver updates, patches and installing applications and configuring email accounts. In all one machine can take a couple of days to complete.
Statistic Brain tabulates the figures as below:

Statistics on IT PC Deployments Data
Average cost range of deployment activities per PC $527 – $700
Percentage of IT labor in PC deployment by Imaging 18 %
Percentage of IT labor in Application loading by CD 15 %
Cost difference per PC between manually managed system vs Applications dynamically installed over the network at the time of the users need or admin choice) $260
Percent of PCs deployed manually 16 %
Percent of PCs deployed by dynamic management systems 5 %
Percent of PCs deployed with a standard image for everyone 62 %
Average time required to deploy a PC manually 2.6 Hours
Average time required to deploy a PC Dynamically .75 hours

Now imaging replicating that process across 10 or 20 or 100 pcs and what you have is an IT admin nightmare – certainly a sure fire recipe for IT burnout or suicide by deployment.
Fortunately, since the early days of Windows, vendors have been to exploit this nightmare with ways to ease the burden of system deployment with more automated ways including creating mirror images, cloning techniques and in the case of Acronis, its Snap Deploy software. Now on its fifth iteration, Snap Deploy is a client imaging tool that eases the burden of replicating a computer’s configuration and content, helping you to get up and about quickly a system crash or failure attributable usually to a corrupt software – accidental or otherwise.
Like other tools of its kind, Snap Deploy is great for any PC administrator responsible for support more than a handful of PCs. Acronis claims that version 5 is twice as fast as its predecessor and supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Surface. So is marketed by Acronis as a time-saving tool for both IT admins and the users (the faster they can go back to watching Facebook or porn on their company PC. A Forbes article titled “Who Wastes the Most Time at Work” points to a Nielsen saying that found “25 percent of working adults in the US admiting to looking at pornography on a computer at work. And 70 percent of all online pornography access occurs between 9 AM and 5 PM.”
So Snap Deploy can get our Facebook and porn lovers back on their feet twice as fast now with version 5. Hurrah!
takes considerable time and effort – from installing the base operating system, to updating the drivers and reinstalling applications. Unfortunately, system deployment starts to lose its magic after the first experience. Imagine managing a small office of 50
Data protection vendor, Acronis launched the next iteration of its system deployment and provisioning tool Acronis Snap Deploy 5.
Acronis Snap Deploy 5 creates an exact system image of any standard configuration that an organization chooses and quickly deploys the image to multiple PCs and servers. Through a high-performance dispatch and central administration point, the product provisions rapid bare-metal initial deployments to many workstations and servers, and is ideal for on-going deployment to the same or different hardware in education, training, and lab environments.
The Acronis Universal Deploy feature allows provisioning of multiple workstations or servers regardless of the architecture fast.
Snap Deploy 5 is built around the Acronis AnyData Engine and creates an exact disk image of any standard configuration- the operating system, files and all applications- and simultaneously deploys the image to multiple machines in one easy step. It also automatically manages machine-specific configurations.
One more thing, Snap Deploy is not the only game in town. There are at least 10 other solutions including some free ones available in the market. Click here for the list. Try one and let us know what you think.

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