Acronis Launches Integrated Backup and Anti-Malware Protection

When it comes to data, organisations understand the importance of keeping a backup for all their workloads. The 3-2-1 backup rule is what most organisations live by. As businesses continue to expand their operations and data increases exponentially, the need for better and stronger backup capabilities is always on the minds of business leaders.

Yet, no matter how much investment is done in data protection and backup, companies still end up becoming victims of cyber breaches. We have seen recently several renowned organisations become victims of malware and ransomware attacks around the world. And while there is no official word from them on how they solved the problem, the rumour that goes around is that these companies had to pay the ransoms to get back their data, simply because they did not have sufficient backup and recovery.

While the debate and negotiations on paying a ransom to cybercriminals can go on for some time, customers and businesses do not have the same amount of patience. For businesses, any loss of data can not only lead to loss of customers but also lawsuits. Customers themselves are known to look for the next best alternative should there be any problem with a particular service or application they are using.

Organisations need to ensure they have sufficient backup and recovery to be able to get their operations up and running again should there be any breaches or incidences. Most companies opt for solutions that protect data on-premises and in the cloud. But what about remote workers?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, a majority of employees have been working remotely at home. But until now, no single solution has provided home users with the ability to stop cyber attacks as they happen while enabling them to automatically recover affected files after an attack.

Acronis True Image 2021 is changing this.  Known for its backup software, disaster recovery and secure data access provider for consumers, SMEs and enterprises, Acronis solutions include physical, virtual and cloud backup software, storage management, secure file sharing and system deployment. 

The Acronis True Image 2021 (ATI) is incorporating advanced cybersecurity capabilities into its award-winning personal backup. According to Stanislav Protassov, President and Co-founder at Acronis, Acronis True Image 2021 is more than just another anti-malware product. It’s the first complete cyber protection solution.

“This integration means users don’t have the security gaps created when they use multiple, incompatible systems for their protection. They can automatically restore affected files after a cyber attack, and they’re guaranteed to have authentic, malware-free data to use when recovering data. Only Acronis True Image 2021 unites best-of-breed backup with advanced cybersecurity in one affordable, easy-to-manage, integrated solution that ensures a user’s digital life is protected from any threat”.

Stanislav explained that existing tools are unable to counter new threats that are evolving. For individuals and small business users, unifying these vital capabilities in one solution makes their protection easier to manage and more affordable, while greatly improving the security. For example, he said traditional antivirus software only addresses known vulnerabilities, does not have data recovery capabilities and can’t stop zero-day attacks. Also, they lack integration and create gaps in the defence.

Since backup software and files are often the targets of these new attacks to prevent recovery, backup alone no longer provides suitable protection for users. Similarly, conventional cybersecurity solutions do not provide the data protection and recovery capabilities users need.

By integrating backup and anti-malware, ATI delivers the ideal backup protection by:

  • Unifying backup and anti-malware in one cyber protection solution.

  • Protecting everything important, be it mobile phones, laptops, personal files, systems and backups.

  • Stops all modern threats including cyber attacks, accidental deletion, disk failure and theft.

Relying on multiple products that were not designed to work together creates security gaps, more complex to manage and more costly. With a single, integrated solution, ATI users can proactively stop any malware attack and then quickly restore affected files. The single, intuitive interface reduces the complexity of managing their security and backups.

For home users, they gain advanced capabilities with ATI, including:

  • Real-time protection, driven by AI-enhanced behavioural heuristics, which stops all malware – including zero-day attacks by never-before-seen threats.

  • On-demand antivirus scans of the full system or quick scans of at-risk files, either of which can be scheduled in advance or run instantly.

  • Web filtering that automatically blocks Windows users from accessing malicious websites that harbour malware, misinformation, scams, and phishing attacks.

  • Video conference protection prevents hackers and malware injection attacks from exploiting popular apps like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams.

  • Comprehensive detection, with both behavioural analysis and signature-based analysis engines.

As businesses slowly bounce back from the pandemic, the new normal is becoming the way things are from now on. Backup and protection are essential in every organisation. Be it home users or SMEs, if you’re using a device and accessing sensitive data, its best to ensure your device is well protected. Acronis combines reliable backup with proven anti-malware technology to effectively safeguard data, apps and systems.

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