Your Data Is Everywhere So You Need To Data Protect Everything

The advent of cloud has changed the way businesses manage, secure and access their data. It has profoundly changed the way IT managers and decision makers think about where to spend their budgets. With virtualised systems, cloud based computing, on-premise data centres, and mobile devices all running business systems and storing business data, having modern day protection is essential in making businesses secure and recoverable at any time.

Before data became so dispersed, servers, desktops and laptops were essentially the only places where data would reside. It could be easily protected and backed up. Today the challenge has escalated to protecting our everyday handheld tablets, phones, SaaS applications, public cloud, Office 365 and numerous other data dependent devices. At a time when data has become more valuable, it has also become more vulnerable. The sheer diversity of where compute and storage may reside has made it more difficult to protect and secure.

Traditional backup and data protection solutions that were used in fixed physical data centres are now sorely lacking and outdated. They can no longer be relied upon to simply and hence safely protect the variety and range of applications and platforms that are in use today. It has become too complex and diverse.

The answer to protecting data in the cloud era is in data protection solutions that are built from the ground up for cloud and delivered by managed service providers who have the ability to build flexible, adaptable systems.

Businesses need to look at solutions that safeguard from IT disasters, human error, and malicious activity. They need to be guaranteed business continuity with uninterrupted access to data on-site, in transit, and in the cloud.
Specifically, businesses need to look into

1. Ransomware Protection
2. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
3. Disaster Recovery as a Service
4. Cloud-to-Cloud SaaS Backup

Keeping up with both, speed to market and the constant growth and innovation that businesses are faced with today, is essential if one wishes to remain relevant and competitive.

Despite the new approach to IT, it remains the case that events like natural disasters, technology failures, malicious activity, or user errors are likely to impair regular operations with downtime.

Although the problem hasn’t changed, the environment has. And it’s a much more difficult scenario today. Datto is an example of a company that has solved this old problem but in a new and revolutionary way which has been designed to resolve those challenges. Datto works with partners who deliver their offerings as managed services, meaning that as your systems change and evolve, the Datto based managed service can keep up, and keep the business running. Losing data is never an option, and in today’s data driven world, nothing can be truer. However, the data you need to protect is “everywhere”, and only new age technology written to exist in a software defined world can protect your “everything”.

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