Why You Need Access to Your Data 24/7

Disaster plans are part of any business strategy. In the past, businesses used to have plans for Windows or backup recovery which would take hours and can be very mundane. IT personnel would have to look through data and your system to find a glitch and fix it. Looking back a decade or two, your business may have been able to salvage some profit from prolonged downtime. But today, businesses need to think about how they can recover their systems in seconds.

When customers go online, they want to be able to have a seamless experience with their activities. Be it online shopping, booking holidays or even paying bills. The connectivity and availability of your services to customers are essential to ensure they remain happy and satisfied. The amount of data you collect, analyse and make decisions on is essential for this.

At the same time, you need to ensure your data is available to you all the time. Downtime is something businesses want to avoid as much as they can. Although schedulable at times, unplanned downtime from outages will have a huge impact on your business. According to Ponemon Institute, the average time for unplanned outages is about 130 minutes.

But that’s not all. 130 minutes of downtime can lead to losses of up to USD740,357 with the average mean of some incents at USD9,000 per minute, depending on the industry. So, imagine if you had customers who wanted to buy your products online. If your system is offline due to an unscheduled outage, it would not be unlikely if the customer opts for a service from your competitor.

Now imagine if the outage continues for a longer time. Not only will there be huge financial losses, but customers themselves will lose confidence in you as a business. We have seen examples like these in almost all industries where when a company experiences a technical glitch, and they are unable to recover fast enough.

Which is why, backup is essential, be it on-premise or in the cloud. And you also need to ensure that you have access to your data whenever you need it. Modern storage has technology that improves data availability over and above traditional backup techniques in isolation. Being able to have access to your data from a secondary location; on the cloud or on-premises can help reduce the losses you experience from downtime.

Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform offers a 100% guarantee for your data availability. Not only does it guarantee the availability of your data, it also ensures your business gets reliable data. Statistics from TechValidate Survey show that 30% of organisations experienced increased data availability with Hitachi Vantara’s platform. In fact, the survey also showed that 50% of customers picked Hitachi Vantara because of its 100% availability guarantee.

Any interruption to your data availability will have huge costs, which is why you need to have the right foundations for an optimised infrastructure for a solid digital foundation. And this would mean being able to have access to your data 24/7. Hitachi Vantara guarantees that.

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