Why Cloud Management Platform is the Answer for Businesses

In today’s data-driven economy, having a reliable cloud data management platform is something that businesses cannot do without. As IT environments become increasingly hybrid, the platform has to be able to orchestrate mission-critical application data across both private and public clouds and at the same time, deliver data management functions like backup, disaster recovery, compliance and analytics plus copy data management in a single, run-anywhere platform.

However, line of business may not always realise the benefits that data management will deliver to their underlying competitiveness and profitability. It’s not just about effectively dealing with real-time data or the data businesses have ‘right now’ either. For example, once data is less current and becomes cold, it should be managed and archived for good governance. In other words, businesses need a holistic approach that takes into account the whole lifecycle of data.

These processes are often labour-intensive and time-consuming, especially when it comes to backup or data recovery. A cloud management platform is able to automate these processes. In fact, on top of ensuring that data your data is backed up properly AND quickly recoverable, it can also give you valuable insights into your data.

Furthermore, you would want to ensure you have access to your data whenever you need it, even during recovery to ensure business continuity. By ensuring your data is automatically managed, your tasks can be automatically executed as well.

Always remember that a hybrid on-premises/cloud(s) environment is a complex beast to tame. Your data is dispersed across different locations, subject to different practices, processes and restrictions. Thus, having a platform that is able to orchestrate all the moving parts, regardless of where the data is located, is vital.

Taking into consideration the issues discussed above, Veeam has listed five key criteria that a cloud data management platform must be able to meet in order to fulfil the needs of modern, digitally transformed businesses:

  • Backup – The most important is for your data to be well protected to ensure your workloads are always available and recoverable.

  • Cloud mobility – It has to enable portability so that you can restore and recover data from and to any platform, in any location. This can greatly simplify the complexities of your hybrid/multi cloud strategy and help you maintain business continuity.

  • Visibility – Have full control by knowing where your data resides.

  • Orchestration – By optimising data utilisation across multi-cloud environments with workflows, businesses can ensure consistent execution of data-management tasks.

  • Automation – Allows data to self-manage and protect itself to meet business objectives.

Serving over 350,000 organisations globally, Veeam aims to lead the cloud management platform space. With the second iteration of the Veeam Availability Orchestrator, Veeam is offering proven backup and replication solutions that can now deliver cloud data management capabilities that tick all the boxes mentioned above.

Version 2 of this solution was recently announced at VeeamON 2019. To understand more about this update and how it can deliver unparalleled availability and resilience, click here.

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