Why Businesses Need Modern Backup Principles

2020 has been an extraordinary year thus far. With businesses having to go digital faster than they expected, those that did not have the right plans in place realise they have a lot to catch up on, especially ensuring they have the right infrastructures in place to remain relevant. One effect of the pandemic induced lockdowns has been an acceleration to digital and cloud for many companies. But making this change without implementing modern data protection can prove costly.

If you want your business to remain competitive in markets that are becoming increasingly digital, then system and application availability has to be a priority.

The best way to ensure your systems can recover fast enough is by having the right tools in place. Businesses need to be able to achieve unparalleled data availability, visibility, automation and governance be it on their cloud, virtual or physical environments. Otherwise, they may find themselves suffering brand damage, customer confidence erosion and lost revenue should they suffer any downtime or data loss.

Veeam Availability Suite provides backup services that meet these modern and demanding business needs. It can backup your data no matter where it resides and allows you to manage large disparate enterprises from a single console. You can not only save time but also cost and in turn, spend less time on backup operations and more time on supporting line of businesses aligned IT projects.

The new Veeam Availability Suite v10, which was recently released by Veeam, provides backup and availability which is faster, stronger and smarter. It also allows users to meet five important principles for data protection in 2020.
Backup and recovery should just work and be easy – Veeam designed V10 to be intuitive and “just work”. The product is software-defined, application-aware enabling simple hassle-free granular and verified recovery of your critical data and applications.

Cloud Mobility – More businesses are demanding the flexibility of a multi-cloud approach to their IT. Legacy backup products struggle in such an environment. Veeam is able to protect and restore workloads across multiple clouds and platforms, truly supporting the protection of multi-cloud aspirations and being cloud-aware also means understanding what data to place where with older archive data automatically being placed on cheaper storage.

Monitoring and Analytics – Veeam made V10 extremely simple to use despite the fact it protects environments that are more complex than ever. Things go wrong in a complex environment that can spell trouble, but by using AI-powered analytics, Veeam takes away the problems of manual diagnosis as well. Veeam’s analytics includes automated remediation of unexpected issues in your backup and recovery processes. It goes further by providing intelligent guidance to work on problem resolution before the issue even occur.

Orchestration and Automation – A large component of backup operations involves repetitive tasks that can become boring and error-prone. These tasks also pull highly skilled people away from work that drives innovation. Veeam has introduced orchestration and automation, that means the days of “babysitting” backups are over. For IT professionals, this means working in a less policy-based fashion and become more behaviour based, dipping in when innovation is needed.
Governance and Compliance – The impact of compliance over how we store and manage data is more now than ever before and is likely to increase rapidly. Governments across South Asia are catching up with the risks to our data, and stronger compliance enforcement has become a reality. Veeam believes that data protection solutions need to be an intrinsic part of your governance posture. Veeam v10 has been designed to become a key element in your ability to develop and observe retention, protection and recovery policies that meet the demands the governance framework your business needs to comply to.

Veeam has prepared a report titled, “Beyond Backup: 5 Principles to Success in 2020”. In this report, they go into more detail on each of the points we have highlighted above.
The new decade comes with the new normal and new realities. You may want to ensure that your business has what it takes to be relevant in the market and to customers. To read more about the report, click here.

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