Watch Your Back AI Is Coming

If you are still with the belief that some jobs that require thinking and perspective are not going to be affected by digital transformation, you better think again. The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at hand. And what you can do, AI can do, and do it better! Although the mantra remains that AI can’t do everything, it is learning really fast!

Even for jobs that require thought and perspective, such as what lawyers practice in solving cases, people will soon need to look at ways to adapt to this new paradigm shift. An AI bot that was developed last year by LawGeex in Tel Aviv, does the job of looking through documents and finding discrepancies and uncommon language. The company recently set up an experiment to see how capable their AI bot is in the real world.

They took 20 experienced lawyers and asked them to separately study five new non-disclosure agreements, while the AI did the same. The results? Astounding. The AI came in at an accuracy of 94% whereas its human counterpart had an accuracy score of 85%. While that’s not bad everything considered. The real deal clincher is this. The fastest human result was achieved in 92 minutes. The bot did it in 26 seconds. Making them 200 times faster and more accurate than the lawyer.

In other words, in the time it takes for a human to process one document, the AI would do 200! And do it more accurately.

According to the company, what the bot did was not an easy task to program in either. They had to teach the bot what to look for. They used the help of attorneys that taught the bot how to read the documents and specifically what to look for.

And that’s what makes the AI a whole different kettle of fish compared to your laptop or calculator that helps you do a job faster. It can learn, and it can learn fast.

Another industry that is being disrupted by AI is the medical industry. A recent addition to the KPJ chain of hospitals in Malaysia, is as AI platform that increases the speed of doctors diagnosis, without the doctors. If any, this is a speed and accuracy hungry industry that has an added urgency in potentially saving lives. The AI there looks at how to diagnose and find the most successful treatment for cancer. A diagnosis that would normally take weeks for a professional to diagnose, would take the AI a few seconds at most minutes to achieve by simply capturing the image of the patient and running it through its database that reaches across the world. Allowing it to tabulate the best possible treatment known to man at that moment.

If the AI is able to take over the job of such important roles as lawyers and doctors, able to save lives and reduce errors by improving accuracy and speed, what more of simpler jobs or of certain business processes. Make no mistake, in a world where speed and accuracy mean the difference between a life saved and a life lost, the former will take precedence.

While the AI has one-upped humans, AI experts still agree that the final say still lies in the hands of the human. For now. The doctor will still need to accept the suggested diagnosis of the bot. The lawyer will still need to accept the proposal from the AI. But make no mistake, if even jobs that require knowledge and thinking are replaceable, every aspect of business is open to transformation. And transform it will. So the only question left is, when. While there are still many areas of development and questions on the future of AI,companies like Cloudera are powering machine learning today, working with companies to implement applicable AI that will help keep those businesses competitive and profitable.

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