Virtual Workspace for Instant Business Continuity – A Work From Home Solution From AVM Cloud

The Malaysian Government’s announcement of the controlled movement or “lockdown” for the country to curb the spread of COVID-19 has led to a lot of businesses executing their business continuity plan. This is because, apart from essential businesses like banks, healthcare, food delivery and certain government agencies, the rest of the businesses will all have to work from home.

While enterprises and most web-based SMEs should be able to implement work from home policies for their employees, many organisations have not built plans for such large scale movement for all office-based employees to become remote literally overnight.

Even if they have a business continuity plan, for many suddenly having a 100% remote workforce may not have been something they are fully prepared for. It’s not just SMEs that can be facing such problems. Even larger businesses and enterprises may be trying to figure out how they can keep there entire workforce productive and connected to every resource they need and do so securely as they prepare to connect them from their homes to business resources.

Businesses need their employees to work. And employees need to access their workloads and applications. The problem for most organisations is that most of their workloads and applications are located on-premises and in some cases need laptops and desktops of a certain level specification to perform at the right levels. In the current climate, IT managers will be asking how are all of my employees going to have access to all of their work-related systems?

In order to solve this conundrum, companies are busily investigating for workplace mobility solutions. There is a myriad of such services available today. Be it for having meetings online or for group chat to keep staff connected, solutions exist. But what about employees who need to access their desktops and workloads to remain productive?

Virtual workspace technology may be the solution. It provides employees with flexible access to virtual workstations that can be configured to be an exact image of their existing physical desktop or laptop. The operating system and applications that make up the workstation are hosted on a remote server and managed by an administrator. Meaning, companies can still monitor their employees as they work on a virtual desktop. This not only allows employees to access workload whether they are on-premise, at home or even in transit but also ensures security as companies will have visibility over the access of their data and can ensure OS’s are fully patched and secure.

AVM Cloud is a Malaysian cloud service provider which offers cloud services to companies across South Asia. They are experts in virtualisation, including Virtual Workspace technology. With the challenges companies are facing in the region, they have offered a special free introduction at a limited time to this technology for any company that wants to adopt if it could solve their current employee productivity challenges.

If you’re interested in signing up the FREE AVM Cloud Virtual Workspace, click here.

You can also contact an AVM Cloud Consultant at enquiry@avmcloud.net or call +60123882275

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