Untapped Data Equals Missed Opportunities: Here’s How You Can Turn Your Idle Secondary Data into Actionable Intelligence

Decisions, decisions. A component of any successful organisation is the decisions they make with regards to their long-term plans or day to day operations. At this point, businesses and government agencies are currently hurtling through the fourth industrial revolution with a goal in mind. To accelerate Malaysia’s digital transformation and advance its digital economy as outlined in the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL). To achieve these goals, businesses and government agencies need to make informed and strategic decisions using data.  

Data. This simple word holds a lot of weight in the current digital world as data has become a commodity to push organisations in the right direction. Let’s analogise this to give you a clearer picture. Data can be akin to a raw material that is abundant and inconsequential in its original form. But when processed, the raw material turns into finished goods that can be enjoyed. Similarly, if you were to process data, the insights that you gain from it can benefit you in terms of better decision making, effective marketing, increased customer satisfaction and optimised operations. 

Let’s shift our focus back to MyDIGITAL. To drive digital transformation within the public sector, the blueprint emphasises the importance of data analytics to provide better public services. Now hold on, if you think that being part of a private business then this does not concern you, you’re mistaken. To reach the goals by the year 2030, public and private organisations need to work hand-in-hand as MyDIGITAL aims to improve Malaysia as a whole. 

Maybe we can look at the role of data analytics in terms of current situational circumstances:

  • Changes within the Government
    Malaysia has seen many changes in governmental leadership over the past year alone. As new leaders take the mantle, government agencies require comprehensive reports to help plan out the changes that they wish to make to the country. Processing large amounts of data manually is out of the question as information may be left out leading to false conclusions and result in bad decisions creating problems for the people. That is why agencies must look for data management solutions that can produce actionable insights to help with governance. 

  • End of 2021 Budget Planning
    As we enter the last few months of 2021, enterprises have begun evaluating their budgeting processes and making plans for the next fiscal year. Organisational leaders are going cross-eyed with the number of spreadsheets they need to refer to. Honestly, just referring to the spreadsheets created by multiple departments across the organisation isn’t enough to create informed decisions as data can be left out. With data analytics, enterprises can have the necessary information to make better decisions when mapping their financial plans for the following year. 

You’re probably now saying to yourself, “I’ve already got a data analytics software” or “where do I even start with getting good software?” The next generation of data management platforms can provide you with so much more than data storage capabilities. 

A good data management solution not only manages your data but has the ability to transform your idle secondary data into assets. Cohesity Helios provides a data management platform that supplies its users with the freedom to employ any of the third-party applications available on the Cohesity Marketplace depending on the needs of its customers. These applications are developed by some of the best software vendors with solutions to help you do more with your data. Helios serves as a single pane of glass to help organisations manage their ever-growing data load with flexibility and ease across data siloes. 

A feature available on the platform is Cohesity SmartFiles. With SmartFiles, enterprises must no longer move data to applications as it integrates them into one system. The ability to view all your data in a single place allows you to refine your business insights and keep up with your data compliance needs. Cohesity SmartFiles also offers you a “Google-like” Enterprise Search which enables fast search results across silos giving you better visibility of all your data. 

With better visibility and the ability to analyse your data systematically, your organisation is on its way to making better-informed business decisions that not only affect your enterprise in terms of cost and operations but greatly satisfy your customers.

Wait! Before you leave, don’t forget to factor ransomware protection into your data management needs. You can never be too careful with the rising number of attacks being orchestrated worldwide. Wherever your data may be, its security is essential as unpreparedness can cost you millions. Not to worry, Cohesity’s Comprehensive Anti-Ransomware Solution can protect, detect, isolate, and rapidly recover your data in the event of an attack. Even better, the security offerings are available on the Helios platform alongside the other data management solutions discussed above. Cohesity provides solutions throughout your entire data lifecycle, on a single platform creating a radical solution to simplify next-generation data management.

What are you waiting for? Read more about how Cohesity can propel your business forward with its next-generation data management solutions here.

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