Three Reasons Why You Need to Consider Backup as a Service

Since the dawn of data protection, backup has always been a double-edged sword. Any company that valued its data knew it had to implement a backup solution, yet at the same time, the resource and money spent on backup have always been considered an overhead. 
As businesses become data-driven and focus on adapting in a climate of IT and digital transformation, the demands on backup solutions are growing. Downtime is not acceptable. Operational processes should never impact application performance, and in the days of increasingly stringent data regulations worldwide, data loss is not only a business issue; it can also be a costly compliance issue. Another irony underpins all of this; Data-driven businesses create and retain much more data than at any time in history, and data growth is the curse of traditional approaches to backup.
As data grows, so do the risks that backup will fail or slow down other processes. The data growth also increases the working hours that IT teams spend just managing the process. 
The very idea of on-premises, tape-based backup managed by your IT team is not compatible with the agile, swift and always-available expectations that are now placed on modern companies and IT. Your IT team needs to be focused on implementing systems that make your employees more productive, data-driven and mobile. For an "IT guy" to be spending time analysing backup logs is a wasted effort that modern-day companies can ill afford.
The good news is that this important task can be offloaded and shared with companies that are expert in the field. The answer lies in cloud-based backup as a service (BaaS) offerings.  The benefits of backup as a service are numerous, but here are the three big ones as pertains to freeing up your IT team to focus on more productive activity.
Maximise Your IT Resources
A reliable backup as a service provider will have invested in automating a lot of the operational aspects of the backup process. However, even if some elements are still manual, the key point is that your service provider will take on the responsibility for managing backup operations. As a result, your IT team will save many valuable hours every week. For example, one Veeam customer was able to save about 80 hours a week by simplifying backup operations for the IT team. This allows IT to focus on "big picture issues" like putting data and tools in the hands of more employees.
Leverage the Expertise of Your Service Provider
Backup as a service providers invest time and money in making themselves really good at backup. They do this so that you don’t have to. When systems, platforms or applications change, your service provider will have already been researching to ensure your backup service keeps ahead of the curve as demands evolve. This investment by your BaaS provider not only saves your team time researching for new solutions, but it also saves time on testing and implementing upgrades and de-risks the whole process of updating your data protection systems.
Stress-Free, Fast Recovery
The whole point of backup is for it to be the "belt and braces" for when the unexpected disaster happens. Despite this, the reality for most IT professionals running on-premises backup is that when disaster does strike, it is highly stressful. The minutes, hours and sometimes days it may take to recover data from things like off-site tapes feel like the time is incredibly drawn out. Cloud has the benefit of ensuring that one of the tenets of good backup practice is followed, namely that at least one copy of your data is kept off-site. It is also easily accessible, meaning data can be located and recovered confidently and rapidly. In a recovery situation, this means that unlike in the old days, the IT team does NOT need to drop everything else while they focus on getting data and systems back. Perhaps even more important, the demands of the digital economy are very unforgiving on downtime, so every second of recovery time saved as a result of cloud-based recovery brings value to your company.
Cloud backup services are vital for companies undergoing modernisation. But choosing the right backup as a service provider is a critical decision. The best backup as a service operators are MSPs that have teamed up with a backup specialist software company like Veeam. The combination of cloud and managed service expertise is combined with using world class software from Veeam to build a comprehensive backup offering. 
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