Taking a Modern Approach to Ensure Complete Data Protection

The more we digitise our business operations, the more vulnerable our data becomes. The rapid expansion towards digital transformation has not only exposed organisations to external threats and bad actors but has also left the internal security challenges in full swing. Since digital transformation is inevitable and surrendering to cyber attacks is out of the question, having a flawed and fragile data safety apparatus is not an option.  

In light of these challenges, how businesses protect their data must evolve for the digital era. Digitally transforming organisations must take on a more modern data protection strategy that moves away from traditional approaches. Instead, the data protection environment as a whole has to be highly integrated, comprehensive and come equipped with a robust data management platform to enable the organisation to keep up with modern requirements.

Commvault Complete Data Protection allows businesses to do just that. It is an all-inclusive data protection package that can shield and retrieve data and workloads across your entire infrastructure – be it on-premises, the cloud, and hybrid environments. 

In other words, Commvault Complete Data Protection is the one platform you need to protect it all, encompassing:

Disaster Recovery: Given the sophisticated and malicious nature of the ransomware attacks, data breaches, hardware malfunctions, and system bugs, a comprised or weak recovery setup can unleash exceptionally adverse ramifications for the business continuity. And this is precisely where Commvault Complete Data Protection steps in to minimise complexities and ensure data availability.

Multi-Cloud Backup: With over 40 public and private cloud storage options, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud along with the ability to store and recover data to, within and even between clouds, what else do the organisations need?

Virtual Machines: Data Virtualisation is crucial to handle the outburst of data and applications. But more VMs means more complexities and risks. With the Commvault Data Protection suite, however, organisations can efficiently, back up, recover and administer VMs from anywhere with no additional data silos and point or independent products. 

Endpoints: Since remote working and BYOD practices are becoming the norm, the protection of end-user desktops and laptops is uncompromisable, as these devices often contain highly confidential information. With limited IT resources, backing up business data stored on personal devices is extremely important so that in the case of data loss, efficient and swift recovery is possible. Commvault Complete Data Protection assures top-of-the-line endpoint protection as it can easily be installed and operated on such devices, allowing employees to recover files and folders by themselves.

Applications and databases: No need to opt for multiple products to guard databases and business-critical applications scattered around the data environment, as Commvault offers a single solution to all the business applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SAP HANA, Microsoft SharePoint, and many more, significantly reducing storage requirements and operational costs.

Unlike traditional environments, all of these vital functions would not operate in isolation with a modern platform like Commvault’s. In addition, enterprises can also leverage modern capabilities that are missing from legacy solutions, such as immutability, write once, read many (WORM) features, snapshots, software-driven backups, intelligent search and discovery and AI-driven monitoring.

Commvault’s integrated data protection platform unifies these tiers seamlessly to deliver end-to-end data protection, visibility, compliance, and recovery for your organisation.

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