Single Provider Is The Preferred Approach To Tackle Multi-Layered Cyber Threats

An overwhelming 97% of all Indonesian IT and security professionals agree that integrated security solutions provided by a single vendor are preferable to “best-of-breed” point solutions when it comes to the fight against cybercrime. This is according to a survey commissioned by Trend Micro earlier this week.

The issue with today’s cyber threats is that a single threat doesn’t just attack one layer of your infrastructure, it looks for weaknesses in multiple places and learns as it goes.

As a recent example, NotPetya, a variant of the Petya malware, uses various methods and leverages a number of system vulnerabilities to propagate itself. It uses custom tools to extract network administrator credentials in order to connect and execute commands on other machines, it can also use modified versions of EternalBlue SMB and EternalRomance SMB exploits in order to infect other systems. According to an in depth FAQ compiled by Trend Micro, the variant does not have a kill switch and exhibits the characteristics of both ransomware and wiper attacks. NotPetya went on to infect computers in various industries worldwide, causing untold damage.

Single-focus point solutions may certainly be useful in defending against specific attacks. However, employing multiple point products that are not integrated will potentially create security gaps, compatibility issues and inefficiencies. They are also complex to manage and costly in the long run.

In the face of today’s new breed of cyber-attacks, defences have to be just as resourceful and innovative. Having a truly integrated solution, one that shares intelligence across multiple security layers and constantly evolves to find new threats, can greatly help organisations to keep pace with the evolving threat.

Among the noteworthy highlights from the survey, 48% of respondents identified that the “lack of understanding of the latest, ever-changing cyber threats” as one of the biggest challenges faced by their organisation when defending against cyber-attacks. Despite advancements in the cyber security space, 91% remain uninformed about artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the important role they are now playing in security solutions.

Businesses should improve awareness of current cyber risks because security is not just about technical solutions. Even having the most secure solutions in place won’t help if employees lack sufficient security knowledge and expose the business to internal and external threats. At the end of the day, a security chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

These findings are a stark reminder that education and knowledge remain a critical factor in keeping organisations secure.

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