Simplifying Workplace Mobility

With the introduction of laptops, employees had a bit more flexibility in where they could work. Soon after, mobile devices like the iPad and smartphones made it even more convenient to get work done. With technology to support mobile working and the ability to virtualise and containerise applications becoming simpler, technology is allowing the workplace to be more mobile and not restricted by location. 

Today, there is already a myriad of applications and services offering various solutions for employees to get the task done. But there is still one problem employees face when working off-premises. Employees are finding it hard to carry multiple devices, be it their laptops, smartphones, iPads and other connected devices, everywhere whenever they work.

Gartner predicts that we could be seeing up to 20 billion connected devices by 2020. And a good percentage of these devices will be used for work. Indeed, employees will be able to work more freely. But the number of devices they need to depend on will keep growing. And let’s not forget, the more devices you have, the more passwords you will need, and the more secure your devices will have to be as well.

The usage of these devices will also become a growing concern for businesses, not just for keeping track of their employees but also the information that goes in and out from these devices. Businesses need a management platform that allows their IT administrators to have control over all the different end-user devices, virtual desktops as well as applications, regardless of where they are physically located.

VMware Workspace ONE is the answer for this. The Workspace ONE uses industry-leading end-user computing technologies to help IT teams deliver, manage and secure end-users’ remote access to corporate applications from their mobile workspaces, including mobile devices, laptops and PCs. 

Workspace ONE is able to:

  • Provide password-less access to all apps. With a single sign-on authentication, users will be able to access their devices virtually from anywhere securely.

  • Provide data security and endpoint compliance. With multiple devices, compliance issues must be adhered to avoid data being compromised.

  • Ensure real-time app delivery and automation. Users will be able to run multiple apps on the same device off-premises, ensuring processes are not interrupted or lagging.

  • Secure Office 365 and mobile productivity apps. With a growing number of apps and mobile devices, it is important to ensure each device and app is secured. 

  • Provide unified endpoint management across the broadest number of platforms.

  • Offer Windows as a Service for improved security and performance.

VMware Workspace ONE is built on industry-leading AirWatch and Horizon technologies. It is the only digital workspace platform that offers the best support for any device and any app. To find out more about VMware Workspace ONE, click here.  

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