Save Up to 69% with Synology Mail Solution

Despite the rise in instant messaging and collaboration software, email remains the business communication platform of choice. It's not only convenient and mobile, but it can also be archived and in many cases provide a strong enough record of dialogue to be legally binding.
Companies like Synology have an answer in which small and medium businesses have a far more cost-effective approach to corporate email. In the case of Synology, they offer MailPlus as a free solution that ships with Synology’s network-attached storage servers. Not only do these modern on-premise solutions match the simplicity and ease of management of cloud-based mail, they are arguably more secure and also offer all the benefits of mobile device connectivity.
Synology ran a comparison for the average 100-user company where they measured the costs of their own email solution over a three-year period as compared to using G Suite Gmail. Over a three-year period, a Google G Suite customer with 100 users will spend nearly three times more on their email than a company using Synology MailPlus. The three-year Google cost came in at around $15,000 USD as opposed to $5,937 USD with Synology. Also, compared to Microsoft Exchange 2016, Synology MailPlus is a more economical choice as well.

Synology’s solution really delivers value is in the cost savings that users can materialise over a few years as compared to running cloud-based email and MS Exchange. Synology MailPlus delivers 60% savings over cloud-hosted email solutions.
One-third of the cost but scalable storage and same capabilities delivered
In addition to the cost savings, the Synology solution provides for 40GB of storage per user as opposed to 30GB for the G Suite users.
The advantages don’t end there. With much more economical total cost of ownership, the features below are also included in the MailPlus solution.

  • Supports Windows AD/LDAP

  • Integrates the spam filtering system, RSPAMD and the antivirus software, McAfee

  • High-availability cluster to ensure uninterrupted mail services

  • Allows users to set different mail-sending rules for different users under the same OU

  • Integration with collaboration packages such as Synology Chat and Calendar

  • Supports web browsers and mobile app

  • Supports seamless migration from Microsoft Exchange/G Suite

  • Expanable storage capacity

Everything goes in cycles, and while public cloud corporate email is certainly effective, the on-premises options are now much more viable than a few years ago. The attraction of an easy “low-cost start” quickly wears thin as costs escalate. For most small and medium companies, the facts show that an on-premises solution such as MailPlus will deliver hard ROI in just over 12 months.
To find out more about the Synology solutions, we have prepared charts which are side-by-side function comparisons between Synology MailPlus Server and Google G Suite Basic, and also between Synology Mail Plus and Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard.
If you want to know more about Synology MailPlus, please go to https://www.synology.com/en-global/solution/business_email_solution

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