Protect Your Most Valuable Asset in the AI Era

Various organisations have their own respective data assets that are most important to them. There is patient information for the healthcare industry that consists of vital health status, sensitive credential data for the banking industry and even unstructured data such as media content for the entertainment industry.

Whatever the data is, these companies need to protect their assets so they can ensure business continuity in the event of unexpected loss or corruption. Especially today in a distributed data age, these assets are not only present in a single infrastructure. They are now dispersed across on-prem data centres, edge networks and a multi-cloud environment, which make them much harder to keep track of, manage and protect.

In addition, modern organisations are increasingly relying on powerful emerging technologies such as AI to unlock the value of their data and the valuable insight that it brings. As AI feeds on large amounts of data to produce the best results, it has become yet another reason why businesses should take a better look at improving their data protection capabilities.

According to a report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 84% of data capital high-achievers are using robust data protection technologies across their entire AI data pipeline. AI workloads rely on a complex data pipeline or series of steps to go from raw data to a trained and tuned AI model. To make it more complicated, the data processes are likely executed in different locations, whether in a core data centre, an edge location or the cloud. These two dynamics underscore the importance of comprehensive data protection throughout the data pipeline and irrespective of location.

Three Pillars for Protecting the AI Data Pipeline
But what constitutes “comprehensive data protection”? The Enabling IT Transformation with Modern Data Protection Strategies report by ESG explored this very subject. Based on a survey commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel of 4,000 IT executives from private- and public-sector organisations across 16 countries, ESG found that only 6% of organisations achieved a “transformed” ranking.

From a data protection perspective, these transformed organisations, who are leaders of IT transformation are ten times more likely to have invested in data protection solutions to cover a broad range of environments – with three or more unique data protection mechanisms (across on-prem, cloud and endpoints) that cover the spectrum from archive software to continuous availability technology to safeguard their assets and data.

Secondly, comprehensive data protection leverages automation as the standard operating procedure for data protection purposes, meaning the base level of data protection technology and policy is automatically applied to virtual machines when they are initially provisioned. This allows organisations to avoid a scenario in which data protection technologies or policies are configured incorrectly, inconsistently or even not at all by inexperienced practitioners leading to data loss and/or downtime.

Lastly, comprehensive data protection should also provide self-service data protection for employees who are becoming more involved in the IT environment due to trends like Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and cloud computing.

Empowering users with data protection tools has the potential to minimise delays between creation and protection of data and enables faster recovery of data, among other benefits by reducing or even eliminating the dependence on IT to provision resources or resolve issues.

A Smart Solution for Comprehensive Data Protection
Dell can help you achieve the level of comprehensive protection required for your most valuable assets with its storage and data protection solutions which will enable you to maximise your AI and ML implementations.

Dell EMC’s data protection solutions help organisations address modern data management challenges and extract greater value and opportunity from their data assets. By protecting data from the edge to the core to the cloud, Dell EMC data protection helps to simplify the data landscape, secure data assets and automate data services.

Data protection solutions from Dell EMC include powerful, simple and cost-effective solutions for backup, recovery, archiving and replication that can help to increase uptime and mitigate the risk of data loss. They are simple to deploy and manage, making it easier to protect data no matter where it resides, and protects data across the entire AI data pipeline.

Once you have your data well protected, you will be well on your way towards transforming and enhancing your business with AI. Click here for more information.

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