Open Source the Driving Force for Innovation

Bitcoin has its fair share of critics but you can’t deny that it has had one of the most significant transformative impacts on currency in living memory. Ksplice might not be as widely known as Bitcoin, but it is transforming how companies can apply security patches with zero downtime. And for those in the design field, “Alchemy” is changing the way software can be used to foster creativity.

Each of these innovative technologies shares one thing in common; they are all open source projects.

The days of equating open source with “flip flop-wearing techies” are not entirely behind us, but increasingly, open source is recruiting believers from outside pure tech communities. With open source driving innovation that can transform entire industries, it’s not surprising that the corporate world is now embracing this approach.

However, for open source to be “corporate-friendly”, it needs the expertise and backing of companies that provide the best of both worlds. Software companies like Cloudera embrace open source projects like Apache and add the discipline, support, enhancements and governance that make the codes viable for use in business-critical settings.

The net results are fantastic innovations which stem from the collaboration of a vibrant community of experts in their field, coupled with the security of knowing that you have one point of accountability when it comes to the solution you implement.

The reason for this profitable partnership is explained in their own words; “When Cloudera’s chief architect Doug Cutting founded the Apache Hadoop project, it was with an open source vision firmly in mind. Throughout its history, Cloudera has been strongly committed to a community-driven, data platform based on open standards that meet the highest enterprise expectations for stability and reliability.”

Apache open source is the driving force behind what the world has come to know as big data. The innovation that has come from it is arguably unparalleled. Whole industries have emerged that could not exist before this technology came to be. From the entire sharing economy to machine learning-powered facial recognition at mass gatherings, this open source ecosystem has pioneered what we now know as the data-driven world.

Cloudera has this open source spirit at its core, and with that comes a passion for helping customers innovate. From Cassandra to Kafka or Hadoop to Hive, Cloudera has the people, knowledge and real-world experience that helps companies leverage these technologies and the ecosystem to innovate and transform.

To learn more about Cloudera’s commitment to open source, click here

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