One Storage Platform for Next-Gen Analytics

In today’s digital economy, which has been impacted by the global pandemic, organisations rely heavily on data analytics to give them valuable insights for their business. Exponential data growth has led to an increased demand for more powerful analytical tools capable of providing insights at speed and making data available to businesses whenever they need it.

Next-generation analytic applications are becoming the backbone for modern businesses. Among the positive business outcomes that organisations can gain from their investments in next-gen analytics include significant growth in revenue, enhanced operational efficiency, faster product delivery or time to market as well as better customer satisfaction and retention.

Nevertheless, the success of any form of analytics lies in the best, most efficient use of data. This means for organisations that wish to leverage more advanced and sophisticated analytical tools to power their business decisions and drive innovation, they require a storage platform that has the capabilities to keep pace and unlock the value of their data.

The biggest data challenges faced by modern businesses include its volume, velocity and variety. To add to that, they also have to contend with data silos as well as data stored in a number of different locations, on-premises, in the cloud and the edge.

The value of data changes over time. Businesses no longer have time for “slow” analytics because the real-time analysis is proving to become increasingly valuable.

The goal of next-gen analytics is to provide you insights at the speed that data is being created with simplicity, no matter how complex the back-end environment may be. From a storage perspective, the key ingredients you need are performance and ease of management so that from the point of view of the business, everything just “works” and works well to support all your analytic requirements.

It isn’t just about your current requirements either. Businesses need to understand that the analytical landscape will continue to evolve over the years and data is growing at an exponential rate. What you require from your data and storage now may not be the same in a few years. Therefore, you need a platform that is scalable, flexible and adaptable so that you can futureproof your storage infrastructure and ultimately, your whole IT environment.

Last but not least, you have to make sure that your analytical data is well-protected from both the security aspect as well as from errors, theft, losses or deletions.

Consolidating It All in One Robust Data Platform
A single storage platform that is application-driven and engineered to both optimise and consolidate existing and new business use cases is key to empower businesses leveraging next-generation analytics.

The Dell EMC PowerStore offering allows businesses to have this. This data-centric storage platform allows you to scale your next-gen analytics workloads with ease as well as complement analytics applications’ scale-up and scale-out deployment models. Meaning, new applications can be provisioned rapidly on the same or on additional appliances in multiple locations.

Businesses will be able to have a balanced and cost-effective approach to storage scalability and the ability to scale performance with an easy to manage deployment model as application needs to continue to evolve.

Dell EMC PowerStore provides the required availability for mission-critical and high-value analytical data and applications – with features such as advanced fault isolation, robust data integrity and non-disruptive upgrades and migrations to ensure applications always remain online and available. It also includes Data at Rest Encryption (D @ R E), which utilises self-encrypting drives and supports array-based self-managed keys, to keep data secure.

As organisations deal with growing data volumes as well as real-time streaming data for analytics, speed is of the essence. The best way to eliminate latency is by bringing your applications as close to the data as possible. PowerStore achieves this with the AppsON on-board applications capability, which provides the flexibility to host specialised workloads directly on the appliance itself.

Its comprehensive storage capabilities and onboard application support for next-gen analytics are exactly what businesses need to remain competitive in the data-driven industry. Dell EMC PowerStore eliminates traditional trade-offs in performance, scalability and storage efficiency, with an intelligent and adaptable infrastructure that transforms and mobilises both traditional and modern workloads. In essence, PowerStore is a uniquely adaptable infrastructure platform that complements and extends business investments in next-gen analytics.

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