IT Transformation Puts New Demands Uptime

The driver for IT transformation is not new tech for technologies sake. It is being driven by another transformation happening at the business level. Digital transformation is the modern-day business imperative that demands IT infrastructure rapidly transforms to support the digital world and workplace.
Moving to digital and data driven business models means that downtime is less acceptable than ever before. Keeping systems and applications "up and running" and available has become a necessity on many levels. A few years ago, people subscribed to the adage that downtime equates to lost revenue and bad bran perception, but companies could get away with a few minutes of downtime "here and there" the impact of few minutes of downtime 10 years ago was nowhere near as critical as it would be today.
Today even small businesses are building online businesses that are able to transact enormous amounts of transactions in short times. Put this in terms of lost data. 10 years ago, if a company lost an hour of data, perhaps they lost a few hundred recorded transactions, today in that same hour they might lose hundreds of thousands of recorded transactions. We are conducted business as speed an hour of lost data today simply is actually far more lost data in real terms than that same hour of lost data from 10 years ago.
The same increased demands also play out when it comes to uptime. Using the same logic for lost data, if your systems are down for 30 minutes today, by virtue of the fact business transacts at a more rapid rate today, you will lose more business in that 30 minutes than you would have done a decade ago.
That's a measurable cost. Less measurable is the impact that downtime has on your brand and on customer loyalty. A feature of customer retention in the digital age is that customer loyalty is increasingly based on experience rather than reputation. Consumers don't look at their historical experience, they judge companies on a "here and now" basis.
The only experience that matters is the current one. The harsh reality of the digital age is that if you retain a consumer customer for years over many transactions, but they encounter a single bad user experience, they are likely to search online and find an alternative online supplier and make their purchase. They may not come back to you, unless the new supplier lets them down.
In this climate, it is vital that your IT transformation strategy includes technology that minimises downtime and potential data loss. It also means that the data protection process should not impact system performance, as slow application response time translates to bad customer experience.
The challenge has become much more demanding but the issues remain the same.

Reduce Backup Window, more granular recovery point objectives and faster recovery time objectives. Modern solutions such as Hitachi Vantara Data Instance Director have been developed to address these three uptime imperatives in a way that meets the demands of digital transformation. Data Protection and Data Availability must be a key pillar of your IT transformation, that means host and storage based solutions that work across your applications, datacentres and clouds. To find out more about how Hitachi Vantara solve these issues click here.

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