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What is pervasive integration?

Gartner perceives pervasive integration as bringing all things digital together, of connectivity throughout every application and device in your business. Gartner analyst, Elizabeth Golluscio observed that one of the biggest integration challenges IT leaders face is around cloud services integration. Many businesses are being driven today by cloud CRM or service applications, and these often need to be synchronized with on-premise applications. Data flows, such as customer data, must be connected through not just a distinct workflow but supported by infrastructure, competency and commitment to support any incoming changes with digital transformation.

IT has long been regarded as the ‘back office,’ but our business landscape continues to evolve and empower more users through cloud computing, on-premise applications, and IoT, expertise now need to move from backend to every-end, become omnipresent, with a holistic solution to address pervasive integration.

Who wins?

Today, functional leaders such the CMOs and CTOs of the world, are engaged from the start of solution ideation through to its deployment. We become enabled through interconnected technologies with the help of a holistic, pervasive integration platform. So, what does that look like and who benefits from it?

A holistic, pervasive integration platform should employ best in the class standard messaging technology and new, modern technologies including microservices, integration flows, and IoT enablement. Let’s take “running a customer event” as a scenario on how this translates to usable data into the rightful owners’ portfolio.

Marketing Team A is running a one-day customer summit and has invited a list of prospective and existing customers. A series of email invitations and reminders were sent over the course of 4 weeks before the event, and RSVPs were captured through a sign-up page. During the summit, attendees were also invited to download an app to navigate through the various expertise sharing sessions and to take part in a lucky draw at the end of the summit. Real-time feedback and queries collected from attendees via IoT driven feedback kiosks scattered throughout the event. Post-event, attendees received an email with all downloadable content of their preferred sessions, and non-attendees also received a series of nurture emails leading up to the next available customer event.

With just one event, multiple data points for at least three different stakeholders are identified. For marketing, customer preferences, attendance, company information, emails, and such, provide them with the insights to apply suitable marketing programs and tactics; for the sales teams, customer names, contact details, potential challenges and pain points gleaned from their interests, would be critical for a next conversation. For the customer analytics teams, this is also an opportunity for them to understand what kind of data should be captured, in what type of format, and to provide guidance on how data points should be collected, so that data quality can be refined for a more enriching post-event analysis with marketing and sales perspectives.

The pyramid of DIKW

To facilitate the backbone of a successful initiative, we can think about the DIKW pyramid. Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom. Let’s illustrate this concerning TIBCO’s portfolio of solutions:

Data: Capturing data points from both cloud and on-premise applications and seamlessly connects them, Flogo, TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Data Virtualization & TIBCO Messaging as the implementation layer (foundation). 
Information: Leverage on TIBCO Streambase to collect, derive and enrich the event. Pre-event preferences, RSVPs, and similar data points can be used to personalize and create a more engaging experience. Last minute changes are easily managed through analyzing real-time data feeds.

Knowledge: To build a multi-dimensional view of your customer profile, tap on TIBCO BusinessEvents, where IT, CA, Marketing and Sales can collaborate with multiple rule authoring environments and generate actionable insights.

Wisdom: To fully exemplify the power of your data-fuelled engagement, use data discovery and data science technologies like TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Data Science to transform the knowledge into wisdom for business stakeholders.

Finally, champion next-generation smart analytics with a reporting dashboard that can put your data front and center of business owners. TIBCO Jaspersoft accelerates business intelligence and more so that your next event is ramped up with the knowledge and know-how from all past engagements.

Pervasive integration is modern integration

Over the next two articles, we’ll continue to explore how a complete pervasive integration solution forms a core component of a digital platform to serve every audience of your organization.

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