How Modernising Your Storage Can Help You Modernise Your Data Centre

With more businesses embarking on their digital transformation, data centre modernisation efforts are accelerating as well. According to research, global spending on data centre hardware and software grew by 17% in 2018. As expected, the growth was driven by the increasing demand for cloud services. Spending on enterprise data infrastructure increased by 13%, driven by 23% growth in a private cloud or cloud-enabled infrastructure.

The growing demand for modernised data centres has led to innovations to provide the best outcomes for businesses. The three main key points a modern data centre should provide to businesses are agility, data protection and automation. Modern data centres need to be consistent and be able to deliver data at high speed and low latency, with support of diverse workload environments and multi-cloud integration.

By having an agile data infrastructure, businesses will be able to improve customer experience and business agility. A resilient infrastructure that is cloud-aware and container-integrated ensures the data centre can easily and reliably run applications on different environments depending on the business requirements.

Since the importance of data has grown tremendously, modern data centres must also be able to effectively protect businesses and maintain continuity across systems, sites and regions with continuous availability and adherence to compliance objectives.

Automation, in its various forms, is becoming the norm in many modern infrastructures today. In a modern data centre, automation through AI allows intelligent operations by increasing operational efficiency and resolving problems faster. This is done through software that can predict the needs and optimises the data centre.

However, in order for a business to truly modernise their data centre, it must also modernise its core – the very place where all of its data will reside – which is storage. Legacy storage systems are too complex, rigid, time-consuming to configure and simply ill-equipped to address the business needs of modernised organisations.

To help companies break down data silos and modernise their storage management, Hitachi Vantara created a flexible solution that is able to address disparate environments, be it hybrid cloud implementations, virtualisation, remote and core data centres in order to help simplify and accelerate data centre modernisation efforts.

Today, the Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) by Hitachi Vantara allows businesses to scale up and modernise their data centres more efficiently. VSP pools physical storage from multiple network storage devices into a single SAN and NAS storage platform (for all workloads) that is managed from a central console, ensuring your storage systems are agile, reliable, cost-effective and future-proof.

Providing enterprise-class functionality and optimised for the cloud, VSPs allow you to host more data on the cloud and scale your cloud environments 2.5 times further, with 100% uptime and improved ROI with flat support pricing, predictive analysis and capacity reduction. VSPs can stop budgetary waste when it comes to capital expenditure as they are able on various payment options. The platform also provides deeper insights with acute analysis through machine learning capabilities and AI.

Hitachi Vantara offers various VSPs in the all-flash line and the hybrid flash line. To find out more about how VSP can help modernise your data centre and empower your digital transformation, click here.

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