How Do You Optimise Your Cloud Operations?

As unbelievable as it may seem, many companies are still struggling to reap the full benefits of their cloud initiatives despite the time and budget spent on their cloud migration. In fact, only 3% of firms currently have a fully optimised cloud strategy, according to IDC.

As companies increasingly adopt the technology, many still do not understand that migration is merely the first step of a cloud journey, and there’s still much more to be done to ensure that it is a successful one. So how does an optimised cloud strategy look like?

For one, to optimise cloud operations, it is necessary to have a unified view of what is happening across your on-premise and cloud operations. This way, you would have complete visibility to your data, workloads and applications, as well as integrated control of who should and has access to a particular cloud process.

One often overlooked aspect that may help optimise the cloud is the level of support you have. With always-ready support from verified and experienced experts in place, companies can realise the full potential of their cloud environments. However, not every organisation is able to have this, especially with a global shortage of cloud-related talent.

In addition, you can also optimise your cloud operations if you know just what applications need to run, where and at the right time, and those that do not. Of course, orchestration and automation also play a significant role in cloud optimisation. These will not only simplify increasingly complex cloud operations but also provide insights necessary for cloud building. Finally, having a trusted partner in your cloud journey can make a big change to your optimisation.

Rackspace Optimizer+ with Platform Support, from leading cloud service provider Rackspace Technology, provides around-the-clock access to cloud expertise, tooling, automation and a consolidated control panel for all cloud accounts. That way, you can guarantee that your cloud operation journey is on the right track, getting the best out of your cloud strategies.

Some of its key features include:

  • Account and user management: The Rackspace Technology consolidated control panel allows for easy, single-pane-of-glass management of multiple accounts. You can also define and manage user roles and permissions across your organisation.

  • Always-on support: Rackspace Technology has enabled countless custom deployments, solved challenges for customers across every industry and maintains partnerships with leading vendors and providers. With deep cloud experience and expertise, Rackspace Technology is prepared to help solve your biggest challenges. Optimizer+ with Platform Support provides guidance and support for your public cloud issues and questions.

  • CloudHealth: Industry-leading tooling helps generate automated analysis, reporting and recommendations for cost reductions and increased efficiency of your cloud infrastructure.

  • Control panel access: Control panel features unified billing, cloud account/ subscription/project consolidation and management, and user management.

  • Access to add-on services: Start with Optimizer+ and layer additional services on top. Helps to simplify access management and audits across multiple accounts.

To learn more about how Rackspace Technology can further optimise your cloud operations, click here.

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