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Author: Jigar Bhansali, VP, Solution Architecture, Software AG Asia 

APIs are the foundation for connecting applications, data and devices. The popularity and explosive growth of APIs started with the massive adoption of mobile and cloud apps.

Today, the biggest driver is IoT - with APIs enabling connectivity and interaction with a vast number of sensors and devices. By exposing data and services in a standardized way, APIs allow developers to create apps and solutions using variety of programming languages, without having to know the internal details of the underlying systems they are connecting to.This accelerates development enormously.

Beyond that, publishing the APIs to a broader audience - including partners and external developers - helps organizations outsource and foster innovation.

As companies look to expand their digital reach, create new sales channels, automate operations and improve interaction with business partners, APIs have emerged from the shadows. They have evolved from something that only software and hardware engineers cared about to very important digital assets for the business side of the house.

However, with the increasing relevance and exposure of APIs there comes complexity and potential risks in terms of security and reliability. This is why APIs have to be professionally managed along their lifecycle to leverage their full potential.

webMethods.io API provides an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade set of capabilities to manage the full-lifecycle of APIs from creation to retirement. The platform is available in the cloud (PaaS), on-premises or in a hybrid mode.

Find out more on how your business can build your own API management platform.

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