Five Features to Look for When Choosing a Modern Data Protection Solution

It is projected that the amount of data that will be created in the next three years will be more than the data generated over the past 30 years, signifying that we are indeed in a data-centric world. In fact, in 2020, an estimate of more than 59 zettabytes (ZB) of data was created, captured, copied and consumed in the world – a figure that is over 50 times the number of stars in the observable universe.

Such big data enables everyone, from consumers to enterprises, to freely move within today’s digital landscape. Especially for industries and organisations, data is now their most important asset that can ensure business operations and provide essential insights for decision-making. As such, it is imperative that data be protected from being corrupted, compromised or lost.

There is now great importance in deploying highly-reliable data protection solutions while organisations modernise their IT environments and cope with unprecedented growth in data. Enterprises need to ensure that their data is always available and can be recovered quickly in the event of downtime or other data-related disasters.

Organisations can do this with modern data protection solutions that guarantee business continuity and resiliency, which will help greatly to maintain the integrity of your business and prevent costly losses in operations.
To take full advantage of your IT investments, we suggest picking the best modern data protection solutions with these features:

  1. Data capacity and scalability: Of course, your data protection solution should be able to handle all the data you have, even if it is on the petabyte scale. Choose a solution that is able to scale according to your data needs and required usable capacity so that it can keep up with the growth of your business.

  2. Cloud integration: Today’s digital landscape is becoming more focused and reliant on the cloud, and a modern data protection solution should be able to integrate across different IT environments – not just your on-prem systems. In choosing your solution, consider its provision of flexible data management, migration and compliance across on-site and cloud-native IT environments and applications, as well as its ability to backup and restore directly from such applications.

  3. Powerful optimisation features: Not all data protection solutions are created equal. Look at the finer details of the features and capabilities that come with a solution, such as deduplication, backup acceleration, automated backup image replication, disk storage pooling, virtual tape optimisation, integration with third-party storage hardware and others. Such features will enable you to complete more backups in less time, mitigate errors and reduce the amount of disk storage needed to retain and protect your data.

  4. Fast recovery: What good is having a backup if you cannot easily and quickly recover your data when you need it most? As such, pick a data protection solution that lets you recover your data as fast as possible. It should have capabilities that will let you meet even near-zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) requirements, with support for granular, cross-platform recovery of files and application items in physical and virtual environments. Another important aspect that businesses often miss is the ability to automatically test and verify that both their backups and application data are in fact recoverable.

  5. Simple administration: A true modern data protection solution should be easy to use yet offer many features, simplifying management, administration and utilisation as your IT systems inevitably grow in size and complexity. It should deliver powerful backup and recovery of all your data, wherever it lives, using a just a single console. Choose a comprehensive solution built to seamlessly protect workloads at the edge to the core to the cloud, whatever the size of your organisation.

As a leader in this space, Dell Technologies can provide the best modern data protection solutions to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes to protect their data and applications, whether residing in on-premises or multi-cloud environments.

With the Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series Appliances, for instance, organisations are equipped with accelerated backup and recovery that can keep up with the proliferation of data and the accelerated growth of their IT infrastructure.

This next generation of the Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) technology delivers all-in-one data protection software and storage in a single appliance that delivers backup, replication, recovery, search, analytics and more – providing you with the flexibility you need in today’s digital landscape.

The Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series Appliances also feature all-in-one cloud solutions for long-term retention and disaster recovery. It is easy to deploy and manage and can help consolidate data protection software and hardware for any organisation.

Equipped with the best modern data protection solution through the Dell EMC PowerProtect DP Series Appliances, you can keep up with relentless data growth, secure mission-critical apps and meet the needs of emerging workloads wherever they are located.

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