Dell Technologies World 2019 Journalist Expo Tour

On Day 2 of the Dell Technologies World 2019, DSA was treated to a private journalist only tour of the Solutions Expo. Our group was largely made up of Asian journalists with Korean & Japanese translators provided by Dell on hand to ensure that our colleagues got a full explanation of the stops we made as we were taken around the exhibition area.

Hands on seeing VMware on AWS

Our first stop was at the Dell Tech Cloud booth.  After all the talk about the new Dell Cloud Platform, it was great to see a hands-on demo and actually experience the cloud environment in action. This included seeing VMware on AWS and Azure, with a live demonstration of a zero downtime migration.

Seeing How Dell Has partnered with the Red Sox Baseball tTam

The next stop took us to one of the many high profile end user partners that have been circulating at Dell Technologies World and talking about their relationships with Dell. Famous Baseball team, the Red Sox, were on hand to talk about their partnership with Dell EMC. Before we got onto the technical update, we had a chance to take a picture of the 2004 world series trophy and four series winner rings.
Moving onto the business end, we were told about the preservation project that the Red Sox worked with Dell to implement. This project started with the intention of giving a more complete fan's experience when watching their team. Using data being housed and analysed on Isilon storage, Red Sox have been able to improve customer experience in areas such as faster smoother entry and exit to the ballpark stadium. They have also improved security by implementing real-time facial recognition, improved reactive digital in-stadium signage, and have even improved the in-stadium retail transaction experience.

Virtustream Becoming an Increasingly Important Part of the Dell Family

Next stop was the Virtustream booth., An enterprise-class company and one of the 7 Dell Family Companies. Given the new cloud strategy and Dell cloud initiatives announced at this year's conference, it seems Virtustream will become increasingly important to the long term Dell vision. Their expertise in moving mission-critical applications to Cloud is highly relevant. They took pride in telling us how they successfully managed over 1800 enterprise class SAP migrations to cloud. Virtustream was eager to share their annual Forrester Survey which ratified their own solutions will be increasingly in demand. The Key finding from the 719 respondents was 61% had objectives with their mission-critical applications that aligned to their multi-cloud strategy.

Dell Demonstrate How Enormous Data Created on Autonomous Cars is Housed on Isilon

Our final stop on this fascinating tour was an encounter with Autonomous Driving Cars at the Dell EMC booth.  This was a nice way to demonstrate machine learning and AI in action. These small driverless vehicles when given enough time to learn, start to avoid obstacles that get placed in their way.  The system in use is called “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” ( ADAS ), and even for these small models driving on small limited routes, they need 4-10 TB data,.As the autonomous driving demands grow, so does the data to support the machine learning, as an example a real-world vehicle will create at least 2 Exabyte of data to get started. This is a firm example of why Dell is talking about placing cloud at the edge, nearer where the data is being created. The data growth never stops, with things like higher resolution video as an example, the amount of data generated per second by these devices is continually growing.  

Dell continues to strive to develop infrastructure that meets the needs of these ever demanding use cases. And we can see from the tour, they did a great job of bringing their vision to life.

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