CrowdStrike: Modern Cybersecurity threats demand a modern solution

As cyber-attacks escalate, organisations need to be aware of vulnerabilities and protect accordingly. The escalation of cyber-attacks places greater emphasis on the identification of vulnerabilities and proactive protection of systems from hackers. Cyber-threats are constantly evolving and adapting with remarkable speed. The fight against cybercrime is never-ending. As digitalisation marches on, enterprises need efficient and reliable IT infrastructure now and in the future. To deliver just that, companies must have a security solution in place to protect against security threats. Most companies use legacy solutions such as anti-virus to prevent things like malware attacks. These legacy solutions often cost higher and do not address the myriad of modern security risks. While existing security systems aim to cover standard security areas, none of these legacy systems cover all areas in one single solution. As the level of sophistication of cyber-threats increase, a company’s ability to detect and respond to these has to be equally, if not, more sophisticated. This is where CrowdStrike comes in.
CrowdStrike is a company that specialises in Endpoint cybersecurity. CrowdStrike pioneered a cutting-edge solution delivered as Software as a Service called Falcon. This cloud-based solution offers numerous advantages and benefits. The complete Falcon solution combines endpoint security, threat intelligence, and incident response capabilities into a single light weight artificial intelligence (AI) powered agent. Because it is cloud based, individual hackers cannot install a local copy and work in perpetuity to break it, any hacker trying to break a cloud-based solution will be identified and stopped as the "practice" attacks will have to be carried out on live monitored systems. Also, since it’s light-weight, easy to install and almost invisible to end users, Falcon is a much more effective solution that does not slow down a company’s infrastructure systems. Time to value is also immediate since this solution is cloud-delivered. Unlike legacy security solutions which still make use of signatures, CrowdStrike Falcon allows delivery of daily malware protection without the need for daily signature updates. This agent also uses new protection mechanisms like machine learning, behavioral analytics and continuous monitoring to provide protection against todays more sophisticated security threats.

The Falcon platform, with a single agent and a single management interface, can deliver complete endpoint protection against today’s modern security threats by providing next generation anti-virus, endpoint protection and response and managed threat hunting service. Since Falcon is built as a platform, customers can continually add services to adapt to the ever-changing threat setting.  As new security needs arise, CrowdStrike can simply add applications and services on top of the Falcon platform.

CrowdStrike’s next generation endpoint protection product, Falcon, is a modern approach to modern threats that advances protection over and above legacy solutions. It has capabilities that detect, prevent and respond to cyber security threats at any stage decreasing the time from a security breach occurring to getting back to business. CrowdStrike Falcon offers protection against all cyber-attack types, using sophisticated signatureless AI and Indicator of Attack (IOA) threat prevention to prevent both known and unknown cyber-threats. CrowdStrike provides the complete package in endpoint security.

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