Cloud Chaos Brought to Order with Cloudtenna

DSA is always looking out for emerging companies with unique and useful solutions. Every now and then we come across a “gem”.

US based Cloudtenna has been around since 2012. They are not huge, but their product is worth knowing about.

As is often the case with niche products, they find a problem, solve it really well, and don’t overcomplicate the issue. Cloudtenna ticks all these boxes.

So what’s the problem they tackle? The answer is files!

Most staff today use multiple platforms to store their file-based data. In addition to corporate storage such as NAS and Shares, most users will use a combination of file-sync services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. They will also be keeping files in collaboration tools like Slack or Jira.

For the IT or storage administrators this is a major headache. For the users themselves the convenience they “think” they get from cloud-based storage is not so clear-cut when you consider the security risks and wasted time tracking where your files are.
Cloudtenna developed a solution that nails the issue, helps to improve data governance and eliminates wasted hours looking for files across multiple storage platforms.

Their product DirectSearch connects to every major storage platform you can think off as well as your own in-house storage. By using advanced search algorithms it allows you to place a single search and find your files across every platform you (or your colleagues) might be using.

The major headache of losing files (even though they still exist) or just spending dead hours searching one by one across different storage platforms is completely eliminated.

In addition, there are general governance and security benefits also. Being able to track files, locate multiple copies and ensure deleted files are removed from all sources all become far easier to do when working with a tool like DirectSearch.

We note that about a year ago, Cloudtenna raised $4million in seed funding; some of which will be used for product enhancements. It will be interesting to see where the technology and the company goes but given the price of the product and the point problem it solves, the risk involved in using this technology are low and the potential benefits high. So even with no presence that we can find in South East Asia, if your face this problem of multiple storage platforms, its worth taking a free trial of their solution.

Note: We have not tried the product ourselves, however, reviews we have read seem to support that the product “does what it says on the tin”.

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