Business Continuity Procedure for 2019 Novel Coronavirus

On 7th February 2020, Singapore upgraded its health alert status to orange, the second-highest level on its DORSCON (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition). The guidelines included precautions for large-scale events, regular health checks and enhance business continuity capability at workplaces.

Source: Guide on Business Continuity Planning by Enterprise Singapore – Annex 5.

To minimise transmission risks, employees who had contact with infected victims or traveled to affected countries within the last 14 days are advised to self-quarantine or take leave of absence as precautions.

To ensure business continuity, employers are allowing employees to have flexible work arrangements which include working off-site or from home, to minimize business disruption. Employers are also recommended to deploy employees into teams, with no physical contacts between the teams, to ensure not all employees are exposed to the same risk. For example, one team works from home while the other at the office.

But do organisations have the necessary IT capabilities to enable workplace mobility? At Net One Asia, we offer quick deployment of solution and necessary Managed Services to enable your organisation to jump start a Business Continuity Plan. This includes ensuring you have the following:

  1. What are the necessary Applications required by employees to work, be it on-premise or on the Cloud?  

  2. Do your employees work with office issued notebooks? If they do, are the necessary applications installed in the devices? If they don’t, do your employees have personal computers or devices which can be used for work? Necessary applications must be deployed to Employees’ owned devices.

  3. Employees will need a VPN connection to access to the on-premise Applications. Do you have any VPN connection?

The other option for you if to subscribe to VMware Workspace ONE. The SaaS or Net One Asia Managed Services includes: -

  1. Identification of User Group to deploy necessary users’ policies

  2. Identification of Device Management to deploy necessary policies to office issued machines or BYOD (3rd devices)

  3. Identification of Applications to deploy Application Catalogues to employees. (Note that Applications must be supported by Win10)

  4. Provision of Application VPN tunnels to office premises for secured connections.

  5. Provision of Emails to Win10 or other mobile devices, such as Android or IOS.

  6. Other options – to consider Application delivery and/or VDIs.

With Net One Asia Workspace-as-a-Service,  you may introduce simple business continuity planning to enable flexible work arrangement for your employees and be ready for any unforeseeable events. Business continuity planning must always be considered as part of your overall business plan. Also, do note that VMware Workspace ONE is subscription base at a minimum of 25 users, supporting cloud-based to minimize large IT Infrastructure.

*DISCLAIMER: This article was supported by Net One Asia. Net One Asia specialises in helping enterprises adopt remote-work culture, enabling staff to stay productive with a digital workspace environment.

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