Back up and rethink your data strategy this World Backup Day

By Chris Gondek, Principal Architect, Commvault
World Backup Day is a great time to celebrate what you’re doing to protect your enterprise’s data today – and plan for how you will continue to protect it in the future. Planning is important as tomorrow’s backups may look very different than the backups you are doing today.

Unforeseen or unexpected business changes such as new corporate leadership demanding implementation of cloud-first IT strategies, might require a radical uproot of data protection strategies. IT professionals might also want to be aware that there is a high chance they are not as protected as they think. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) cannot be taken at face value, as often times they are not being met as planned.

To ensure that data protection expectations can be met, I often advise businesses to follow these three key backup commandments:

  1. If you don’t know what it is, back it up.
  2. If you don’t know if you’ll need it, back it up.
  3. If you know what it is and understand its value to you and/or your business, back it up. 

It may seem simple, but several organizations fail to backup important data and are left with guilt and regret when they realize the data is lost and cannot be recovered.

Backing up growing amounts of data from an ever-increasing number of clouds and other infrastructure might seem complex and intimidating, but today’s data management and protection technologies can make it easier than you think.  

New Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), dynamic indexing, scale-out infrastructure and cloud technologies are increasingly making it possible for IT professionals to simplify backup, even in complex hybrid multi-cloud environments. AI-powered self-driving backup can automate data protection tasks, while scale-out backup appliances allow businesses to dynamically expand their backup with their needs. With these technologies, there are fewer reasons for any enterprise to manually work hard at backup any more.

The same technologies can also provide data activation solutions that streamline data privacy and governance, while expanding the business value of data. This is an imperative need, given today’s tight market for storage, backup and other IT talent, in a world where having a complete and simplified data recovery strategy is an absolute necessity.

While your data protection strategy might seem robust on this World Backup Day, your businesses needs and the increasingly complex data landscape might outdate it. If your current strategy does not provide you with the flexibility to burst to the cloud, scale resources, and recover data to and from a variety of on-premises and cloud locations, you might find it lacking when World Backup Day 2020 arrives next year. In today’s data-driven economy, the key to success is agility – even with your backups. 

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