Achieving Continuous Data Protection with the New Veeam Backup & Replication v11

Many organisations are starting to realise that their legacy data protection solutions cannot meet the requirements of today’s fast-paced digital landscape. In a report by Veeam, 84% recognised that they have an “availability gap” between how fast they can recover applications versus how fast they need applications to be recovered.

In addition, 80% of those same organisations said they have a “protection gap” between how frequently data is backed up versus how much data they can afford to lose. Filling these gaps is an important factor for organisations to ensure business continuity in the case their data is compromised or faced with failures.

However, for many organisations, their existing data protection solutions may not be good enough to close these gaps. This puts them under tremendous pressure to cope with shrinking data availability Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as expectations for zero downtime and zero data loss continue to mount.

To minimise downtime and data loss, businesses must ensure that their data protection platforms are equipped with Continuous Data Protection (CDP). With CDP, data is saved whenever any change is made but unlike backup, it does not need to create a new copy of the data, as it only modifies the storage blocks according to the incremental change made.

This not only reduces the backup window of companies but also minimises the amount of data that must be backed up. Instead of backup per night, which can be risky if ever a data-driven disaster occurs a minute before your scheduled time, CPD can backup data every few minutes (or even every few seconds).

Meeting your SLAs is essential, especially with the continuous flow of data today and Veeam can provide the flexibility that you need to meet your recovery objectives with confidence. With the new Veeam Backup & Replication V11, Veeam further improved its Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to ensure greater resiliency for critical workloads with ultra-low RPOs and RTOs, minimising data loss and recovering to the latest state or point in time.

The built-in CDP functionality of Backup & Replication v11 offers unique benefits, such as:

  • No workload or hardware dependency: Unlike storage-based replication, Veeam CDP works across non-matching storage arrays and hyperconverged storage solutions.

  • Asynchronous replication: Unlike synchronous array-based replication, Veeam CDP can be used across any distance while requiring significantly lower bandwidth.

  • Policy-based protection: Unlike with regular replication jobs, you just need to define the required RPO (maximum data loss allowed in case of a disaster), and the CDP policy will take care of performing the sync cycles as needed.

With this latest iteration of this innovative and award-winning data protection solution, Veeam has combined backup, replication, storage snapshots and the new CDP functions under a comprehensive single platform – delivering faster and more flexible data protection, recovery, and retention options.

To find out how you can protect, manage, and unleash your data’s full potential with Veeam Backup & Replication V11, take this free online assessment and get your personalised report.

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