With 5G comes Wi-Fi 6

While the rest of the world is still conducting heavy tests on which 5G provider they should consider, some countries have already begun deployment on 5G networks. Here in Southeast Asia, countries like Vietnam have already rolled out 5G networks while Malaysia have also begun testing the network and use cases in some parts of the country.

5G is expected to change the way we live and do things. With stronger and better connectivity, more IoT connected devices will be available to leverage on 5G network to ensure a seamless experience for users. For businesses, the growing number of IoT devices means the need for stronger connectivity. 5G can provide that connectivity. But in order to get connected, the network also needs to be able to support the connection.

Apart from IoT devices, technology advancements in AI and automation for automated vehicles and smarter machines will rely heavily on 5G networks. And just as 5G provides better connectivity, a strong Wi-Fi connection is needed to connect the devices. Wi-Fi 6 is also the latest update in Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi 6 is designed to not only improve connectivity speed, but also reduce network congestion, which slows down connectivity speed considerably.

There are numerous use cases which we can find today that are leveraging on modern technology. In a controlled environment, like offices, manufacturing plants, hospitals or even university campuses, 5G is expected to power the modern appliances there. Speed is essential for these devices to work in such environments. The Wi-Fi connection also has to be strong, secure and have 100% availability.

Here are some use cases for IoT devices in a controlled environment that require 5G and Wi-Fi 6.

  • Automated machinery – IR4.0 is all about automation. And in manufacturing plants, automating machines to increase productivity is a core for businesses. In order for these smart machines to work, be it automated cranes or robotics, they would require seamless 5G connectivity that is available all the time.

  • Smart campuses – Universities today want to provide students with efficient connectivity when it comes to campus learning. This includes smart classrooms whereby they rely on facial recognition technologies for student attendance and such. Also, students would also want to ensure they can work anywhere within their campus as long they have a strong Internet connection.

  • Healthcare – Medical personnel rely heavily on connected devices today when dealing with their patients. From monitoring patient data to health readings, these sensors that record the data also require a strong and stable network that is able to be connected 24/7.

A strong, secure and solid Wi-Fi connection is needed for these services to work seamlessly. What makes Wi-Fi 6 unique is its ability to support four times higher network bandwidth and user concurrency compared to the previous generation.

Huawei’s AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 is the only Wi-Fi 6 that incorporates 5G-powered antenna and algorithm technologies to slash network latency. Meaning, with Huawei’s Wi-Fi 6, you can have the perfect seamless experience online, and your devices are constantly connected. Using Huawei’s innovative 5G technologies, Huawei AirEngine WiFI 6 also achieves the first of its kind 100Mbps at anytime, anywhere for continuous networking at scale.

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