3 Major Obstacles to Digital Transformation

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Today's fast-paced digital landscape has businesses racing to adapt and innovate, embracing digital acceleration to stay ahead of the curve. This revolution in the way we work, connects, and deliver products and services has catalysed the most profound transformation in business networks we've seen in decades.

Organisations are replacing their legacy systems with hybrid networks and digital processes, including cloud and business-application adoption. This drive for digital acceleration enables them to roll out new products and services more swiftly, streamline time-to-market, and optimise user experience. But amidst this whirlwind of innovation, challenges arise that can hinder the successful adoption of digital acceleration strategies.

Shall we dive into the digital maelstrom that has shaken the very foundations of network security? Let’s explore three substantial hurdles that threaten to put the brakes on the digital acceleration express.
The Ever-Expanding Attack Surface

Hybrid networks and a diverse workforce have transformed today's networks into sprawling digital landscapes with more locations, applications, and services than ever before. This has left IT teams scrambling to deploy new security technologies to guard their ever-growing kingdoms. Alas, the cybersecurity skills gap looms large, leaving many teams feeling overwhelmed and outmatched in this high-stakes game of digital whack-a-mole.

As per Gartner's analysis, the expansion of attack surface is identified as one of the key security and risk trends in recent years. The evolving work landscape, coupled with increased reliance on public cloud, interconnected supply chains, and employment of cyber-physical systems, have brought to light novel and demanding attack surfaces.
A Veritable Rogues' Gallery of Diverse and Sophisticated Attacks

Today’s cunning cyber adversaries employ increasingly intricate strategies to exploit vulnerabilities and slip past detection. Their relentless pursuit of the weakest link in the security chain has birthed a new generation of IoT/IIoT-based attacks hell-bent on targeting OT Industry 4.0, AI for robotics control, near-real-time digital twins, and production line automation.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has the potential to enhance communication, productivity, quality control, supply chain efficiencies, and overall business operations. The expansion of connectivity brings forth fresh avenues for cyber attacks, along with corresponding attack vectors and vulnerabilities. GlobalSign has released a comprehensive account of cyber attacks on IIoT that could offer further understanding of this issue.
The Hydra-Headed Beast of Complexity

Multi-vector attacks prey on the inability of security solutions to share and correlate threat data. In this digital Tower of Babel, multi-vendor networking and security systems speak in disparate tongues, forcing IT teams to rely on hand-correlating threat intelligence with network information to detect and respond to threats. The ever-evolving threat landscape and the burden of multiple management consoles only serve to exacerbate operational costs, muddle troubleshooting, and delay decisive action against identified threats.

Global cybersecurity leader, Fortinet believes that multi-vector attacks take advantage of the security solutions' inability to share and correlate threat data. In most cases, there is a lack of interoperability between multi-vendor networking and security systems, resulting in IT teams having to manually correlate threat intelligence with network information to identify and address potential security threats.
As we navigate these tumultuous digital waters, it's crucial to confront these challenges head-on, lest we be consumed by the storm of digital acceleration. The future of our digital domain depends on our ability to adapt, innovate, and persevere.

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