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Anil is a senior journalist with an extremely varied background. He brings experience as newspaper reporter with Malaysian National Print Titles including The Star. Most recently  Anil was Senior copy-writer with Intelligence Business Network (IBN) a corporate training company. Anil has a broad range of journalistic experience covering areas including business, local news and finance. Anil's particular skill is breaking down complex subjects into clear easy to understand copy. In addition to his background in journalism and copy-writing Anil has worked in everything from telemarketing to corporate sales, medical rep, restauranteur and even flying the skies as a cabin crew. He has also run and managed a number of start-up businesses including an internet cafe, a medical supplies company and a restaurant.

The Device Revolution
Nothing seems to be safe from extinction or can be considered ‘The Last Frontier’ in this era of technological advances.

Just a few short years ago, smartphones were a thing of fantasy for Star Trek geeks and sci-fi enthusiasts. Then a month ago, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai himself stated in his letter to shareholders that “the future, the next big step, will be for the very concept of the ‘device’ to fade away.” Making his point that with the advent of powerful technology and computing, as well as being able to miniscule it, size is no longer an issue. Therefore the building or construction of it is no longer an issue. It will now come down to what end users will feel in their experience from using them.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Or, have we already been left behind?

Google Home, unveiled recently at its annual conference for developers, is a gadget that responds to voice activated commands. Described as a “voice-activated home product,” its capabilities go from making dinner reservations, reminding you to get flowers for that almost forgotten anniversary, to texting friends and much more.

Though quite the concept, it isn’t the first of its kind.

Echo, a similar gadget from Amazon.com does just about what Googles’ product boasts. Costing one hundred and eighty dollars, Echo has already been in peoples homes since last year and according to Amazon has sold quite well. Even receiving excellent reviews as the next must have gadget to succeed the smartphone.

 However, being the late comer, Googles market approach has been to appeal not so much to the practical home owner, but rather focus on the aesthetics of its product Home, to make it a desirable addition to the household. Who knows. It may replace your pet. Or even your PA.

It sounds very promising. Still, whatever this home addition can do, whether in making life simpler or giving it a bit more sophistication, it is yet to be seen if this lifestyle is one willing to be ventured into by regular folk as how the smartphone has successfully infiltrated into or will it be reserved for the elite classes. Pricing will be a big question there. 

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    we are looking forward to your next blog - when can we expect it?

    when is your next blog?



    we are looking forward to your next blog - when can we expect it?