2018 Press Releases

January 03, 2018

Web Werks Announces The Availability of Its High Encrypted Automated Cloud Backup Solutions

Web Werks, master in cloud hosting and disaster recovery, recently announced their high encrypted automated cloud backup solutions. The solution was introduced to address the management and data development challenges with a more user-friendly arrangement that would scale effectively with respect to time and provide peace of serenity with off-site data recovery.

Web Werks encrypted automated cloud backup solutions is a completely automated reinforcement solution and it also expels the dangers related to human error. Online backups raced to plans set by the user, and by means of the central management control, clients gain perceivability, control and at last significant serenity that their information is being ensured. The management support tends to the difficulties of provisioning, checking, keeping up and investigating remote reinforcement and recuperation through a solitary interface. The move is planned to secure, organizations developers, and at lastly protecting data from prying eyes, using the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

"Utilizing a completely automated, encrypted and secure cloud backup services to label the business challenges, and assuring the associations their information is sheltered with us. Web Werks backup services is a safe and automated backup service intended for both small as well as large data sets. Exceedingly flexible, it can be conveyed as an onsite solution. Encrypted automated cloud backup solutions convey effective customer side de-duplication and compression, fundamentally lessening network usage while upgrading backup and restore execution. Moreover, this solution offers instant data recovery altogether diminishing recovery time destinations for business-critical information and data," said Suhaib Logde, Assistant Vice President of Web Werks.