2017 Press Releases

February 13, 2017

Vision Solutions Unveils MIMIX Share 5.4

Vision Solutions announced today the availability of MIMIX Share 5.4, created to fulfil the data sharing needs of organisations with multiple databases. It enhances sharing data between databases with boosted usability, security and platform support.

According to Vision's 2017 State of Resilience Report, 44 percentage of respondents delayed business decision-making due to lack of current, consistent data in their reporting databases. MIMIX Share, now part of the MIMIX family, offers easy, automated, real-time movement of data between databases -- whether operating in the same or different database management systems; operating systems; or physical, virtual or cloud platforms -- for reporting or analytics on current data; data warehousing; database migration and other data sharing needs.

Cited by Alan Arnold, EVP and CTO of Visions Solutions, "MIMIX Share 5.4 sets the standard for data sharing solutions by automating ETL processes while maintaining data accuracy, enabling greater business productivity. An easy graphical user interface replaces manual processes; IT professionals can confidently support organisational data sharing with no programming."

Version 5.4 offers true any-to-any, real-time data sharing between databases with broad support for operating and database management systems.
New and enhanced features include:

·         Support for additional database management systems
·         Replication to MySQL databases for Windows and Linux
·         Replication from Oracle RAC databases
·         Enhanced support for existing databases, operating systems and data types
·         New versions of SQL Server 2016, Teradata, and Informix
·         New versions of IBM i, IBM AIX, Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
·         Enhanced usability
·         Automatically creates target tables to accelerate implementation
·         Enhances handling of database joins to simplify administration
·         Enhanced security for replicated data
·         Supports SSL encryption TLS 1.2
·         Supports Java 8

For complete details on MIMIX Share 5.4, visit here