2017 Press Releases

November 10, 2017

Virtru Introduces Product Offerings with Ease of Use and Cross-Platform Control to Enterprises Moving to the Microsoft Cloud

Virtru announces that it is expanding support for the Microsoft ecosystem and that it was selected for the prestigious Microsoft Accelerator. These announcements highlight the value that thousands of Microsoft customers have already seen from Virtru and the company’s potential to deliver breakthrough solutions on the Azure and Office 365 platforms. 

Virtru also expanded its Office 365 email protection offering, which allows customers to easily protect regulated information and intellectual property shared inside and outside their organizations. Virtru allows organizations to maintain complete control of sensitive information regardless of where it’s created, stored, or shared as the solution is built on the open standard Trusted Data Format (TDF) and leveraging patented technology to streamline the user experience. This allows organizations to share information more freely and in ways that were not possible before. 

“Virtru Secure Email has enhanced care coordination with Community Providers through multiple methods of exchanging health records and multiple modes of communication improving the care the Veteran receives,” said David Shulkin, the U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs in Congressional testimony.

As one of only 11 companies chosen for the Microsoft Accelerator, Virtru engineers and product managers will work directly with the Microsoft team to rapidly deliver new, innovative data protection products to market. In addition, Virtru’s participation will accelerate its go-to-market strategy with sales, marketing, and channel enablement programs and the company is aligning with Microsoft's go-to-market teams to promote and co-sell Virtru products to Microsoft customers.

“Virtru impressed us with their cross-platform, easy to use data protection solutions for Microsoft cloud customers,” said Raghav Kher, Managing Director, Microsoft Accelerator - Seattle.  "We’re excited to work closely with their team to accelerate their product and go-to-market initiatives.”

Microsoft Accelerator’s program is tailor-made for growth stage companies looking to scale their business and capture enterprise customers. Unlike traditional accelerator programs that help early-stage startups identify product-market fit and educate with basic curriculum, Microsoft Accelerator is designed to take mature startups and turn them into enterprise-ready companies by scaling every aspect of their business. Recently selected by the Security Innovation Network (SINET) as one of the 16 most innovative new companies in cybersecurity, Virtru plans to leverage the Accelerator to extend its technical and market leadership position. 

“This announcement is a significant milestone for us because it recognizes the need for easy-to-use, cross-platform data protection and control as organizations move to the cloud,” said John Ackerly, Chief Executive Officer at  Virtru. “Billions of people and millions of businesses around the world use Microsoft products. Participation in Microsoft Accelerator reflects Virtru’s strong and growing position within the Microsoft ecosystem.”