2017 Press Releases

April 03, 2017

Teradata IntelliFlex Delivers Extreme Jump in Performance, Storage Density and Energy Efficiency

Teradata unveiled an all-memory update to its flagship Teradata IntelliFlex platform that delivers unprecedented performance and storage density in a single, ultra-efficient cabinet. The advancements are empowered by a move to all solid state drives (SSD) make it possible to lower required data centre space while delivering a significant increase in processing power for mission-critical analytics at the speed-of-thought. Teradata also announced the new, ready-to-run Teradata IntelliBase platform – revolutionary in its single cabinet support for multiple software technologies, re-deployable hardware, and low, commodity hardware price-point.

Both products are offered on-premises, with Teradata IntelliCloud availability coming soon, and operate the same Teradata database software to allow a high-performance hybrid cloud solution. Together, these platforms offer customers new options that can help drive new business revenue opportunities, alleviate operational costs, and speed up customer service. 

With the significant growth in data, organisations rely on trusted analytics to turn that data into valuable and timely insights to drive business decisions and compete efficiently. They are utilising advanced analytic techniques and placing that power into the hands of more users across their organisation. As business demand for analytics arises, a robust and elastic infrastructure is needed to handle planned and unplanned spikes in demand.

According to Oliver Ratzerberger, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Teradata, "Our customers are experiencing unprecedented growth in their advanced analytics needs and now require massive gains in their data warehouse compute power. We specifically designed IntelliFlex to meet these demands inexhaustibly. By transitioning to all SSDs we now provide an all-memory appliance capable of delivering up to seven times the compute power per cabinet of our previous product – plus rapid performance elasticity that is simply unmatched in our market. We are providing our customers with more performance, more storage, and more memory in the same footprint, and at half the energy consumed per unit of performance delivered."

Superior Teradata IntelliFlex Platform

Teradata IntelliFlex, launched in early 2016, delivered a revolutionary, fabric-based architecture that allows the independent scaling of processing power and storage to match dynamic workload requirements. In its third release over the last 12 months, Teradata continues the rapid innovation of its flagship IntelliFlex platform. 

Despite giving orders of magnitude greater performance than hard disk drives (HDDs), SSDs have been cost prohibitive to include as standard equipment in a data warehouse appliance. Yet, SSD capacities have continued to rise while prices have decreased. Teradata is the first to acknowledge and leveragethis industry trend, making SSDs the preferred storage for enterprise-level analytics appliances.

Versatile Teradata IntelliBase Platform

For entry-level data and analytic needs, Teradata designed IntelliBase. IntelliBase is a low-cost solution capable of delivering a complete logical data warehouse in a solitary cabinet, with single vendor support. Enabling multiple technologies to operate in the same IntelliBase cabinet makes this new platform efficient and economical. As a true "all-in-one" engineered solution, IntelliBase allows companies to architect their analytic ecosystems to meet their demands today, but also offers the versatility to repurpose hardware to meet dynamic business requirements.

Cited by Tony Baer, Principal Analyst at Ovum, "Customers are demanding flexibility. The emergence of Hadoop and big data analytics doesn't replace traditional data warehousing, it complements them. Teradata is taking advantage of advances in commodity infrastructure and combining it with its own value-add to deliver an engineered platform that gives analytics users the best of both worlds. On the same platform, Teradata is giving customers the choice of balancing disparate requirements between cost, service level requirements, and the ability to take advantage of the different types of analytics."

IntelliBase features:

  • Multiple technologies packaged into a single, low-cost, data-centre-friendly cabinet

  • Complete, single-vendor support for Teradata Database, Aster Analytics, and Hadoop

  • Support for Teradata ecosystem enabling applications: QueryGrid, Unity, Data Mover, Ecosystem Manager, Viewpoint, Listener, and more….

  • Investment protection with hardware that can be redeployed between technologies with software re-imaging

  • Teradata IntelliBase and the new all-SSD IntelliFlex products will be available in Q2 2017. Both products will be available on Teradata IntelliCloud later this year.