2017 Press Releases

January 17, 2017

Talari Launch SD-WAN Offering for CSP's to Deliver as a Service

Talari announced the introduction of Talari Managed Edge, a new service delivery platform built to support the requirements of MSPs, ASPs and CSPs seeking to provide managed SD-WAN capability to their customers.

According to Mark Masur, Talari CEO, “Adoption of managed SD-WAN services is accelerating in the U.S. and around the world. We’ve built Talari Managed Edge to help MSPs succeed in the SD-WAN services business by enabling them to deliver and monetise the last mile of failsafe network reliability to their customers.”

John Dickey, Co-Founder & COO of Talari also described, “At Talari, we have worked with visionary MSPs from day one--across horizontal and vertical markets--and the requirement we’ve heard again and again is for a cost-effective service delivery platform that helps MSPs stand up and operationalise their SD-WAN practice. Talari Managed Edge is our new offering based on that MSP-powered service delivery vision.”

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Springborn, President and COO of LightEdge said, "As an MSP with customers that leverage Talari technology, we are excited by the release of Talari Managed Edge. This platform will help us easily and cost-effectively expand our services capability to manage diverse networking paths leveraging SD-WAN technologies to address the strong demand that we are experiencing in the market.”